Speeding tickets are a joke. If we’re not allowed to go faster than the posted speed limit, why are there dials on the speedometer to go faster? Why doesn’t the government demand that the car manufacturer build cars that don’t go over the limit? I think that the fastest speed you should go is 100km/h, maybe 120km/h if you’re passing but that’s it. So what’s the point of building cars that will go above the speed limit? Money!
If you drive, surely you’ve seen speed limits posted around town. In Hamilton, the speed limit in the city is 50km/h but there are areas where it’s as slow as 40km/h. I can understand getting a speeding ticket in the city for going over but no one should be getting a speeding ticket on the highways.

My car can go up to 200km/h but there’s no way that I’ll ever go anywhere near that speed. I’m not in that much of a hurry to get anywhere. If I ever lose control at that speed, there’s a good chance that I’ll lose my life as well.

I’ve heard stories of car rental companies that will charge you if you go over the speed limit. I’m not sure if they have any authority to enforce that rule but it is their cars. Police officers enforce this rule but sometimes I think that they set up speed traps at strategic points in order to maximize the number of people they catch.

The last speeding ticket that I’ve received was when I entered the city from an on ramp off the highway. The speed limit changed from 100km/h to 70km/h to 50km/h. I was caught in the 70km/h to the 50km/h zone. I slowed down but not enough to avoid a speeding ticket.

The transaction from 70km/h to 50km/h occurs during a 100m stretch of road. There’s a sign that warns you that you’re entering a 50km/h zone so I basically took my foot of the gas. By the time I entered the 50km/h zone, I had slowed down to 60km/h. The next thing I knew, there was an officer in the middle of the road with her hand sticking out telling me to stop.

I guess it was my fault for not slowing down right away but what’s the harm in going a bit faster than the posted speed limit. It’s not like I can’t stop if someone runs into the middle of the road. Everyone behind me was going at the same speed as I was but because I was at the front of the pack, I was caught.

I’ve received two speeding tickets ever since I got behind the wheel but two is enough to make you slow down. The two times that I’ve received a ticket, it was during times where my foot wasn’t even on the gas. I think they should warn people about their high speed before the speed trap and if they proceed to speed, that’s when you hit them.