Typical I.T. day

Anyone who works in the I.T. field knows how frustrating it can be when talking to the average user. You need a lot of patience to make it through the day because not every user knows what they’re talking about. Some user will get the wrong terminology for something and lead you to believe one thing when they mean something else. That’s the part of the job that can get a little frustrating because you’re fixing a problem that doesn’t even exist… yet.

2 replies on “Typical I.T. day”

  1. Absolutely hilarious…. just had to share this with the wife tonight with the volume switched on. LOL LOL

    Question: I tried the same, restored desktop backdrop as a picture and deleted all the the icons just like the guy did, but when I click on the icons on the right testicle, nothing happens….. Did the customer call back and ask the same question ?

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