Fedora on a stick

At the recommendation of Willy, I’ve decided to give Linux on a Stick another shot. It appears that installing Fedora 9 onto a USB stick was a lot easier than installing Ubuntu. Instead of installing the distro from CD, I decided to download the ISO and use a tool to install it onto a USB stick. After the installation was completed, it was just a matter of updating the system.

The Live USB Creator was so much easier to use than having to type in the commands in a terminal window. You simply select the source, select the target drive, adjust the amount of persistent space and click the button. About forty minutes or so later, everything is ready to go. All you have to do is boot from the USB drive and you’re ready to play around with Fedora 9.

The real test of whether it works or not came when I created my account and restarted the machine. After the restarted, I was able to log back in using the account that I had created. Installed Fedora 9 onto a USB stick was a success!

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  1. I had no success with changes. I created a personal user account, changed the root password and created a firefox shortcut.
    After rebooting (init 6 the first time and then shutdown -r now) all my changes were gone.


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