The last lecture

Last weekend, Randy Pausch passed away due to metastasized pancreatic cancer. I’ve never met him in person but I’ve watched a video of his last lecture. It was very inspirational and very motivating. Pausch was a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon and his last lecture was viral. I’ve heard of people advising others to […]

Heading north

A couple of years ago, I had planned on visiting Tobermory. I had just received my Nikon D50 in the mail and I was excited to head up north to take some pictures of nature. Things came up and I was able to head up there that year. The following summer, I wanted to head […]


There’s a new search engine out and it’s claiming to be better than Google. That’s a pretty bold statement to make since Google is pretty popular. Google has been around for a long time and they’ve done a pretty good job at indexing the internet. Cuil (pronounced ‘cool’) is fairly new to the game but […]

Coast to coast

Ever since my girlfriend came back from Hong Kong, I’ve wanted to do a lot of traveling. Actually, I think I’ve wanted to do that for the longest time but it was her who made me actually do it. I don’t mean the traveling where you fly from one destination to another. I mean the […]

I’m switching

For the last few years, I’ve always gone with Rogers as my cellular phone service provider. When I first started, the price was great and so was the service but as the years go by things started to get a little expensive. Now, it has gotten to the point where I don’t need all those […]

Waste anything but time

The departure date for my girlfriend’s flight is approaching fairly quickly. It’s only a matter of weeks before she boards the plane back to Hong Kong. I hope that I’ve made the most of her vacation here but part of me feels that we didn’t get to do enough. I can’t help it but blame […]