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I don’t like getting calls from telemarketers because I don’t like to be sold a product that I don’t know anything about. I prefer to research a product on my own and build an opinion of it on my own. But what’s equally annoying are calls from third party companies who are “calling on behalf” of a company whom you’re a client of.

I receive many calls from a toll free number every day so I don’t pick up because I’m at work. Whoever it is will continue to call me throughout the day and will not stop until I answer their call. The stupid thing about it is that when you do answer, there’s nothing but dead air. I’ve worked at a call center before so I know that they’re using a machine to dial the clients. The machine will pass the call onto an available representative when the call is connected but that doesn’t happen right away. There’s always a couple of seconds of delay. During that delay, I hang up.

I don’t know why these third party companies bother to call clients and then put them on hold. That’s not a very good method to gain customers. I don’t like to wait for sales representative to help me when I walk into a store let alone wait on the phone. One time, I went into Best Buy to purchase an SLR camera but I walked out of the store empty handed. I had my mind set on picking up a camera that day but there weren’t any sales representative around to assist me with my purchase. I ended up placing an order online for the camera and it arrived a few days later.

Anyway, as I was saying, I get calls from third party almost every day for the past month. Today, I decided to answer one of their calls because if I didn’t, they wouldn’t stop calling. The lady that I talked with was calling from RBC and informed me about some product they called RBC Alert! This product would inform me if there’s any mischievous activity with my credit. They’ll tell me if someone tries to open a bank account under my name or if someone tries to charge a purchase to my credit card. Basically, it was things that I could keep track of myself but they’re willing to do it for me. For a price!

There’s always a catch to these things. They don’t call to give you free stuff but they’ll call you to try and sign you up for a product. I never sign up for these products. If they have to call me to tell me about it, chances are, it’s no good. I don’t need some sort of alert system to tell me whether or not my credit card has been used. I do a lot of online banking and I can monitor everything from there.

I’m thinking of removing my phone number from all of my online profile with financial companies so they will stop calling me to inform me about their products. Unfortunately, RBC requires a home number so I can’t change that part online. As for the other credit cards, I’ll just have to cancel them or something.

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  1. Hey Don,

    Have you received the phone calls where there is this sailboat horn noise and then it goes “This is your Captain speaking… You’ve won a free cruise!”? The horn noise is the best! (But the rest of it is crap lol)

    BTW, how’s Jen?

  2. Hahahah! No, I haven’t received a call like that yet but I did get a call that goes… “You have been summoned to jury duty… ” after it had my attention, they flip the switch and tried to sell me something… luckily that was on my voicemail.

  3. OMG! That’s terrible! Jerks are getting smarter and smarter. Well if I get that phone call I’ll just frustrate them and say “but wait… what about my jury duty? that’s the real reason you called right? what am i going to do about it? how do i get out of it?” and so on and so forth 😛

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