I was working on that

People at work can give you a lot of attitude when you’re doing something that they don’t like. Even if you’re doing your job and your job involves interfering with that they’re doing. I sometimes get that around here but I usually brush it off because I have a duty to perform. If I inconvenienced someone, I simply apologize ahead of time and carry on with my work. Usually they’re okay with it but there are a few that will give me a hard time.

I received an email at work today from a coworker requesting that I take a look at a computer that wasn’t updating its virus definition. I didn’t want to walk all the way down to the shop so I used the Remote Desktop Connection software to connect to the machine. I was part way through when someone powered down the machine. I assumed that they were just restarting it because I was logged in and it locked anyone else from logging into the computer but when I called to ask why it was shutdown, I received a whole other story.

The person on the phone had no idea what I was talking about. When I asked him about a computer on the shop floor, he wasn’t much of a help either. So I asked him if he knew the user of the computer but he replied that he didn’t know the person and ask for their last name. Since the computer was shutdown, I had no choice but walk down to the shop and fix the problem locally.

As I arrive at the scene, another work was there doing his work. I told him that I was from I.T and I was there to work on the computer. I don’t know how or why but the worker started to give me a hard time because I was in his space.

Me Did someone turn off this computer?
Worker You think you can just walk in and do what you want?
Me I’m sorry, what?
Worker I was the one that turned off the computer.
Me I was working on it remotely. The connection broke so I decided to come down here and see what’s wrong. I didn’t think someone would just turn it off.
Worker Well, you can’t just come here and do what you want.
Me I checked the computer and no one was logged into it for an hour so I took control of the machine.
Worker Why? What’s wrong with it?
Me The antivirus scanner is out of date and I was repairing it. I have to update the virus definition and I was in the middle of that when I was disconnected.
Worker Oh, okay. Then you make yourself at home and do what you have to do.
Me Yeah, I will.

After our little talk, this worker started opening and closing his desk drawers to grab his tools before leaving the area. Inside one of the drawers was an FHM magazine with Jaime Pressly on the front cover. He told me to keep my eyes off of the cover as if it was his girlfriend. I’ve never even met this guy before and he’s already giving me a hard time. Everyone here is here to do a job and I was there to do mine so he should have just let me do my job and get on with his. If there’s one department you don’t want to mess with it’s the I.T department because people need their computers and they definitely need their internet access.