The Incredible Hulk

I went to watch the Incredible Hulk last night with my girlfriend and I’d have to say that it was pretty good. The animators did a good job with the CGI and they integrated the Hulk into the movie seamlessly. There were a lot of actions scenes where the Hulk was fight and some of it looked like it hurts but there wasn’t much dialog.

I don’t quite remember what happened in the first movie but I think this movie starts off where the last one ended. At the end of the first movie, Hulk was running away from the military. At the beginning of this movie, we see that he somehow made it to Brazil. Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) is looking for a way to cure himself of his gamma radiation. He’s speaking with someone known as Mr. Blue who is attempting to help me find a cure. While he’s in Brazil, he’s working in a bottling factory as a maintenance worker. He’s been doing a very good job so the boss wants to put him on the payroll. While he’s talking to the boss, he accidentally cuts himself and a drop of his blood falls to the level below. He runs downstairs to make sure that the blood didn’t fall into a bottle and cleans up the mess. That’s where a whole sequence of events starts to unfold.

Throughout the whole movie, Banner is looking to rid himself of the uncontrollable Hulk that’s kept locked inside. He’s been trying to suppress his anger in order to avoid letting the Hulk loose. The military on the other hand wants the Hulk for themselves so they can use it for military purposes. They’ll do whatever it takes to capture Banner but they won’t kill him, they just want to bring him in.

Hulk’s nemesis in the movie is a Russian soldier with an English accent. It didn’t click at first but the more he spoke, the less Russian he sounded. Maybe he grew up in the UK or something but it’s odd when the actor portraying a character doesn’t fit the part. His character was a bit cocky but Hulk eventually shuts him up in the end.

Even if the movie was pretty good, I guess it was worth it to see it in theatre but not needed. I could have waited until it came out on DVD to watch it but I didn’t have anything else to do on a Tuesday night. At the end of the movie, there were hints about upcoming movies, especially one that caught my attention. If you’re a Hulk fan, go watch the movie in theaters. If you’re not a Hulk fan, you can probably wait. There wasn’t much in the storyline or cinematic that’s was eye catchy. I think Hulk going around smashing stuff was the best scenes in the movie.

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