She’s coming home

It’s hours away from the time my girlfriend’s plane lands and I’m getting very excited but at the same time I’m also getting a little nervous. A part of me is very happy to see her but then there’s a part of me that feels like it’s the first time we’ll be meeting.

While she was away, I had planned on renovating our bedroom a little. The paint that was on there wasn’t the best colour for a bedroom because it was a little bit on the dark side. My girlfriend hasn’t seen it yet so I hope she likes it when she does. I think that’s the part that’s making me nervous because I’ve put in all this work into the room and I don’t know if she’ll like it or not. I’m sure that she will because she’s had a bit of an input. I’ve described the room to her but she hasn’t seen any of it yet. I can post pictures up and not worry about her seeing it because she’ll be on the plane as I publish this.

Originally, I wanted to renovate the whole floor but that would have taken a lot longer than I had. This room alone has taken me a few months. And as it stands, I’m not 100% done with everything yet. The floor needs to be cleaned because I splattered small drops of paint on it when I was painting the ceiling. I’ve managed to wipe it down but there’s still small pieces of it left. I’ve got an hour after work to finish up with the little things before going to the airport to pick her up so I’ll have to rush things up a bit.

The closer it gets to her arrival, the more nervous I get. Every now and then, I’ll find myself biting my nails because of the excitement. I guess I’m worrying for nothing but my girlfriend’s opinion of things matters a lot to me. For some reason, her view has a great impact on me and it affects me a lot. If she was to go around and call me stupid, I actually become stupid for a while.

So anyway, without further adieu, here’s what my bedroom looks like. If you want to see the before picture, you can check them out here.

I needed some nice pillow coverings because the old ones were getting a little out of date. These pillow coverings look a little more modern than the previous ones. I’ve also bought a few cushions because I usually do a little reading now and then in bed.

I won’t have to rely on my cell phone to wake me up anymore. This clock was a few bucks and it went nice with the bed and the rest of the bed decorations. Some of the pictures were from Hong Kong. I bought them when I was visiting but when I got back home, I didn’t know where to hang them. Now I don’t have to worry about hanging them because they sit right there by the window.

Behind the headboard is a small set of shelves where I can store things in. My girlfriend used to put things in boxes but now she can hide things in the headboard. I’ve got my side filled with books but some of the books are a little too tall so I had to lean then on their sides. The good thing about the shelves is that it comes out just far enough. As you can see, they slide out to the point where they can’t slide out any further so the room was just the right size.

My girlfriend bought a throw a while ago but that one is all dirty now. The cats have been sleeping on it because it was so soft. I’m not sure exactly what throws are used for but they’re like small blankets.

Originally, I wanted to put carpet in the room but with the cats in the house, I was afraid that they’ll make it dirty. I can’t remember to always close my bedroom door before I leave the house and there’s a chance that the day that I forget, is the day that the cats will go in a mess up the places. The one cat likes to poop everywhere and if she poops on the carpet, it’s going to be a paint to have that cleaned.

I’ve painted this section of the room a different colour at the request of my girlfriend. She has been mentioning this idea to me for a long time but I didn’t know that she mean this. I was assuming that she meant the ceiling was going to be a different colour. Once I understood what she requested, I fulfilled that request.

The room feels a little empty because there aren’t enough things on the wall. I’m trying to fill up the walls with some decoration but I’m running out of things to put up. The only thing that I’ve managed to hang on the wall so far is this picture of us. Oh, and don’t mind Spider pig at the bottom of the picture. He just wanted to get in on the photo session.

Last but not least are these hooks. During the winter, I usually hung all of my coats on the stair rail or on the door. It’s nice and convenient to have some hooks that I could toss some things onto. I’m hoping that these will come in handy one day. When I bought the hooks, I wanted them put them in the lobby but I think it’ll be more useful in the bedroom.

So there you have it, the bedroom renovation all completed. I hope that my girlfriend will approve of what I’ve done with the room. There’s probably still a lot more to add but for now, what I’ve got is a good start to make the bedroom and warm and relaxing place. I hope that the warm colour will help me wake up happy in the morning.

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