Tank on empty

Lately, I’ve been milking my gas for every kilometer that it can give me. I try to keep the tank at the half way mark but that never happens. I always end up filling up as soon as the light goes on. Usually I can get away with driving a few kilometers before filling up and other times I don’t risk it and fill up.

I came across an interesting website that collects data on how far a specific make of vehicle can go before it shuts off. I’ve always wanted to know exactly how far I could go before the car shuts down but I don’t want to be left stranded in the middle of the city without gas. I’d have people driving by honking at me. That’s what happened last time I had a flat tired. I had my four-way blinkers on but people kept honking as they drove by. It’s kind of obvious if someone has their blinkers on, it’s a warning sign that something is wrong. Why would people drive by and honk at me as if I’m interrupting the flow of traffic. That wasn’t even that many cars on the road.

Anyway, the furthest I’ve gone before refilled was about twenty kilometers but I could have gone a bit further. I just didn’t want to test the water just in case I did run out of gas. Twenty kilometers is an average distance for some cars to run before the gas runs out. I guess that’s enough to get to the nearly service station. When I went down to New York, the distance from one gas station to the next about was about fifty kilometers, give or take a few.

Basically, the site requests that as soon as you see the gas light come on, you reset your trip meter. It’s probably wise to have a reserve tank of gas in the trunk in case you can’t make it to the nearest gas station in time. As you can see, someone managed to get forty kilometers before the car died. Of course, the distance that you drive before running out of gas has a lot of factors.

I’m sure that you can maximize your mileage if you travel at a recommended speed. Most cars are built so that they go a certain distance if the driver drives at the recommended speed. I guess that with city driving where the speed fluctuates, the average distance is approximately twenty kilometers. If you kept a constant speed of, let’s say 50km/h, you might be able to get forty kilometers out of the reserve.

Then again, the light isn’t always accurate. When I was driving a Honda civic, the gas light would come on and off. It was as if I was low on gas one minute and I wasn’t the next. Sometimes, when I go up a hill, the light would come on and then when I go downhill it would go off.

It’s nice to see this kind of information because it gives you an idea as to how far you can drive before actually having to fill up. With the price gas always climbing, I try not to fill up for as long as I can. So if that means that I drive around with the gas light on for a few kilometers, I’ll do it.

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