Writing on the wall

I am almost done with my bedroom and I’m only a few steps away from painting. Today, I had to prep everything before I started to prime the walls. I spent most of the day cleaning up because the room was a mess. There were dust particles everywhere and I wanted to get rid of them before I started priming. I didn’t want any dust particles to get in the way of the paint.

When I was removing the wallpaper, I noticed that there was writing on the wall. I didn’t think much of it at first because it looked like random numbers. But as I started to remove more and more of the wallpaper, the puzzle started to piece itself together. What I had found was pretty much a time capsule hidden behind layers of paint and wallpaper. I found it very interested to read the message that was left behind.

I couldn’t make out every single word that was written but the message is from the people who put up these walls. It reads something like:

Chas A Calston
Hung this paper June 13, 1925
And his Dear little wife helping him
Gar 5686-W
174 Roselyn ave

I’ve always wondered how old this house was and now I know. According to the writing on the wall, it’s about eighty three years old. What’s odd about that is the fact that I happen to find the writing when it’s close to its eighty third anniversaries. What’s also odd is the fact that I live at house number eighty three. What’s even odder is that I wanted to change the whole room before my girlfriend gets back and if timing is right, she’ll get to see the room on June 13th. Life is just full of surprises.

I wanted to make a little marking of my own but no one is going to see it if they were to take off the paint. So I was thinking that maybe I’ll just carve a little something into the baseboard that I replaced. It won’t be anything too noticeable since you’ll have to bend down to see it.

The people who wrote this message are probably long gone by now but if they’re not still around, they’d have to be in their hundreds. I’m sure that it wasn’t the previous owner of the house because her name was different than what was written. This is the kind of history that I like. I don’t mind learning about the history of a country but that doesn’t have as much of an effect on me as something like this. I wonder what other stories are written on the walls of the other rooms in the house. This house has been here for a long time so I’m sure there’s a lot that it has to say. There’s a lot more rooms with wallpaper covering the walls so I’d be very interested in seeing if there’s anything else hidden.