Popcorn ceiling

The renovation of my bedroom is still an ongoing process. My friend and I managed to get the drywall up and screwed in place. Now, it’s just a matter of taping the seams together and patching up the wholes. After soon I get that part done, the quicker I can start with the painting. But there’s still another obstacle in my path, the stucco ceiling. It’s taking a long time to do it but fortunately there’s a little trick.

The trick to removing stucco or “popcorn ceiling” is to spray it with water. I was searching every for this trick but I was looking up the wrong term. I thought the term for this type of ceiling texture was “stucco” but apparently, it’s called “popcorn.” As soon as I started searching for popcorn ceiling, there were a lot of hits.

I found one video where someone was just scraping off the stucco and it didn’t look like he was applying a lot of force. In another video, there was a female person scraping off the stucco and she too wasn’t applying a lot of force. I’ve been working on it for a couple of days and it took a considerable amount of force to scrap it off. And another thing that I noticed was that no one was wearing a face mask. From the looks of things, they didn’t need one because everything that they scraped off was falling straight to the floor instead of floating in the air.

When I was scraping off the stucco, the larger chunks fell to the floor while the smaller particles floated in the air. After watching the video, I knew that I was doing something wrong. I searched around to see what exactly they were doing to make their job seem so easy. I read the description of the video and it said that they sprayed the ceiling with water and vinegar.

At first, the water and vinegar solution didn’t quite make a lot of sense because I had assumed that the ceiling was painted on and didn’t think you could water down the paint to help make it come off easier but sure enough, the water did the trick. It took me a couple of days to get a small section of the ceiling cleared but with the water solution, it took only a matter of minutes.

After removing the stucco from the ceiling, I found that there were a lot more cracks than I had anticipated. I assumed that there would be cracks behind the areas that were cracking but it was worse. One part of the ceiling was so badly cracked that a chunk of it fell off as I was scrapping the stucco off. I’m not sure how this piece managed to stay on this whole time. It’s a good thing that it didn’t fall and hit me while I was sleeping.

I had to cut out a 2′ square piece from the ceiling and replace it with drywall. Since I’ve had so much experience with drywall already, this procedure was a piece of cake. After sealing the edges with drywall compound, the hole was as good as new. Once I get on a fresh coat of paint, you wouldn’t even know it was there.

I’ve also managed to finally put up the drywall to replace the wall that I took down. It was a bit of a pain because the originally was slightly curve. When I screwed the wall in place, I could see that the wall went off in an angle. This caused the baseboard to be slightly off as well. In order to fix that problem, I’d have to remove the baseboard and have it replaced. The next problem that I’ll run into is finding the exactly same design. This is an old house so it’s going to be pretty hard finding pieces that will match.

So far, I have run into any problems that I couldn’t find. I just had to make sure that everything is planned out so that I won’t have to do extra work in the end. I’m about done with everything and there are some minor details to work out. I’m hoping that I’ll be ready to paint by the weekend so I’ll be spending a lot of time sanding down the walls and prepping it for paint.