Stop your whining: Price comparison

When I got home today, there were some flyers waiting at my door. I get them every week and sometimes I’ll go through them to see what kind of sales they have one. But today, something else occurred to me. I decided to see how much other things are compared to gas. So we’ll start by having gas at the same rate as I saw them this morning, $127.3/L.

I’m going to try and find things that aren’t on sale because gas is hardly ever on sale so it’s only fair to have the playing grounds leveled. I’ve selected a few liquid items from various of stores and compared them to gas and the results are pretty interesting.

  • Bottled water $1.29 – 591ml = $2.18/L
  • Large coffee $1.45 – 473ml = $3.07/L
  • Heinz Ketchup $3.69 – 750ml = $4.92/L
  • Listerine $4.79 – 500ml = $9.58/L
  • NyQuil $11.99 – 295ml = $40.64/L
  • White out $1.61 – 20ml = $80.50/L

After seeing things from a broader picture, it kind of hard to complain about the price of gas since it seems a little cheaper than most of these other liquids.

2 replies on “Stop your whining: Price comparison”

  1. Hewlett Packard C8727A (#27), Black Inkjet Print Cartridge $24.24 for 10mL =
    … i’m so buying a laser.

  2. Exactly! I was looking for the amount of ink in a cartridge… I’m glad I have a laser printer… I’ve had it since college and not once have I changed the toner yet.. 😀

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