I am in the process of renovating my bedroom. My goal is to get it finished before my girlfriend returns from Hong Kong which is in the middle of June. So far, I think I’m right on schedule. Hopefully things will go my way and I’ll have things completed with plenty of time left.

My first step was to fix the cracks in the walls before I start painting but that task is turning out to be a lot more work than I had anticipated. Initially, I wanted to knock down all the walls and put up new drywall but that was a bit too much. I didn’t have anywhere to put all the garbage once I was done.

If it wasn’t such a hard job, I wanted to knock down some walls, extend a closet, seal a door way and create a walk-in closet. There a room by the washroom that is a bit too small to be a bed room so I wanted to turn it into a walk-in closet. In order to do that, I would have to cut into the wall frame but I didn’t know if doing so would literally bring down the house. To be on the safe side, I decided against that for now.

So instead of knocking down the old walls and putting up new ones, I figured that it was easier just to patch up the cracks. Unfortunately, I came to that conclusion a bit too late. I had already knocked down one of the walls so I don’t have any choice but to replace it with a drywall.

Knocking down the walls would have been less time consuming than peeling off the wallpaper or scrapping off the paint. It took a long time because I was scrapping off two layers of paint, a layer of primer and a layer of wallpaper. I assumed that the previous owners painted on top of the wallpaper to quickly get the house ready for sale.

You can see that on one wall, I’ve managed to clear most of the wall paper. My brother and I were at it for a couple of days but we were only able to clear a quarter of the walls. It was a slow process but we were determined to get at least one way cleared of wallpaper. After a week or so, I realized that it was consuming too much time just scrapping off the wallpaper so I had to try something else.

My dad recommended that I take off the wallpaper near the area where the cracks are and then seal it up with drywall compound. After the compound has dried, I could sand things down and smooth things out. That sounded like the better thing to do and I wished that I had consulted with my dad before taking down the wall. It would have saved me from having to put another wall up.

I have majority of the cracked patched up but there are a few that are still lingering around. I haven’t found all of the areas that have cracks yet. I can see a few of them but I don’t want to tackle those areas until I get the other areas patched up. I know that I should start removed all of the cracked areas first before patching them since that would save me time from having to go back and forth.

While I wait for the drywall compound to dry I started scrapping off the stucco from the ceiling. This task is painful because it’s giving my muscles a workout. I can scrape for a short period at a time before my arm gets strained. I’ve managed to get about a quarter of the ceiling cleared of stucco but there’s still a lot more to go. When I remove the stucco, it’s revealing some major cracks. The crack on the ceiling in the first picture is probably one of the biggest. It looks like I might have to replace that section of the ceiling with drywall because that area seems a little loose.

This little renovation is making quite a mess in the room. It gets pretty dusty sometimes so I have to wear a mask to keep from breathing in the dusk. I’ve got on a pair of safety glasses as well because pieces of stucco fly into my face when I’m removing it. Usually I clean up before I’m done for the day in order to keep things from getting too dirty.

Since I have to get things done before the middle of June, I’m trying to get things done little by little. I think that removing the stucco is probably the hardest park. Putting the drywall back in is just a matter of measuring, cutting and screwing it into the wall studs. At my present rate, I should be able to start painting by the end of next week.