I decline

Telemarketers are really good at their job, I’ll give them that but they’re just too annoying to actually make a sale. I understand that they are trained to not take ‘no’ for an answer but sometimes you just have to give it up. When someone doesn’t want something, you can’t change their mind unless you have something they really want.

I received a call from Manulife Financial offering me insurance coverage because I was a member of Citi Financial. Since I was a valued card holder, I was eligible to receive $100 per day in case of an accident. This coverage was free for the first month and $9.00 thereafter. At the moment, I have insurance coverage at my workplace so I don’t feel the need to get insurance with another company especially when my company doesn’t charge me anything.

I tried to tell the telemarketer that I wasn’t interested in the insurance plan but they kept hammering information on me and trying to get me to agree. I didn’t want to be rude about it and just hang up so I kept telling them no. We had a twenty minute conversation where I was saying no and he was saying yes. I got pretty close to just hanging up but I wanted to see what this guy can do.

Telemarketer: Please be aware that this call is being recorded for quality purposes.
Me: Okay, no problem.
Telemarketer: Sir, I am here to tell you about a package that we believe will benefit you greatly. This insurance will give you up to $100/day if you were ever injured due to an accident. Do I have your approve to enroll you?
Me: No, I already have insurance with my company so I don’t feel the need to get another one.
Telemarketer: I understand sir but we are confident that after we’ve sent you the necessary information and you’ve read over it, you’ll realize that you’ve made the correct decision and you’ll continue to use the service.
Me: It’s not a matter of continuing to use the service, it’s more a matter of starting it up. I’m still young and I don’t plan on getting sick.
Telemarketer: Of course sir. Nobody plans on getting sick. Insurance is not for sick people but for healthy people. If you were old and sick, you’ll have a hard time getting insurance. That’s why it’s best to get it when you’re young. When you get old, you’ll look back and say to yourself, “Why didn’t I sign up for insurance when I was younger?”
Me: Oh, I understand that it’s just that, right now I already have insurance so I don’t see the need to get another one. There just isn’t enough incentive out there for me to go for another. For what reason should I sign up with you guys since I’m with another insurance company and it doesn’t cost me anything.
Telemarketer: That’s good that you’ve got insurance coverage with your company but this insurance is on top of your insurance. If you get paid by your insurance, we will also be paying you. Your insurance might only coverage you for 80% of the cost but we can cover you up to $100,000 and you can do whatever you want with that money. So do I have your permission to enroll you in this plan?
Me: At the moment, I don’t think I want to sign up. I’m still young and I don’t see myself getting into any accidents in my line of work.
Telemarketer: Yes sir, but you’ll never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. You could get sick and by then it would be too late to get insurance coverage.
Me: Yes but if I get sick, my company’s insurance will cover the cost. So if I’m getting some for free, why should I go out and get the same thing for cost?
Telemarketer: Because the coverage that you’ll be getting is on top of what you’re insurance is giving you. This is extra money that goes into your pocket. You can do anything you want with this money. You can go on a trip, fix the house, go on a shopping spree.
Me: If you guys are going to pay me money wouldn’t that mean that I’m already sick and probably can’t go out to do the things that you’ve mentioned?
Telemarketer: Yes sir but you don’t have to spend this money right away. In case of an accident, the money will be deposit into your bank account and it will sit there and wait for you. But right now, it won’t cost you anything. As soon as we send out this welcome package, we’re confident that you’ll like what you’ve read.
Me: Can you send me the welcome package before I sign up?
Telemarketer: Unfortunately sir, we can only send out welcome packages to enrolled members.
Me: Well, usually I call to canceled it anyway so how about I save you guys the trouble of signing me up and not enroll.
Telemarketer: But the first month is free sir. After that you can call Manulife to cancel the service and they won’t ask you anything. Their number will be in the welcome package.
Me: How about I save myself the trouble of calling and not sign up? Right now, I don’t see anything in this plan that will benefit me plus I have to pay for it.
Telemarketer: But sir, we are confident that as soon as you read over the welcome package, you will like what we have to offer.
Me: You might be confident that I’ll like it but right now I’m not too confident to enroll in this plan of yours.
Telemarketer: It’ll be exact money in your pocket in case anything were to happen to you.
Me: I understand that it’s extra cash for me but even if I do get sick or anything, my insurance will have that covered. So unless you give me a really good reason why I should enroll, I don’t think I want to sign up right now. Throughout this whole conversation you haven’t said anything that would lead me to believe that I’m making a good decision.
Telemarketer: Yes sir, but I know that once you read over the welcome package, you will see all those good reasons. So do I have your approval to enroll you in this insurance plan?
Me: I’m sorry but at the moment I cannot authorize that approval.

The caller was pretty persistent in trying to get me to enroll but from the very start, I wasn’t interested. I really didn’t want to waste his time so I tried to tell him no. Instead of wasting his time trying to convince me to enroll, he could have been on the phone with someone who would have been interested. No matter how good of a sales representative you are, it’s hard to change someone’s mind unless you offer them something that they can’t refuse. This caller offered me cash if I get sick and was off work but for me that’s a rare case.

I’ve worked at a call center before so I know what he’s going through. He’s trying to get a lead that will result in profit and he has to do what he can to get the customer to say ‘yes’ but unfortunately, I’m not one of those customers. He should have realized that and ended the call so he can continue to other customers.

Most people will get mad when telemarketers call them but I prefer not to. They’re doing their job and they’re trying to sell something so there’s no need to get mad over a phone call. If you’re not interested, just let them know and hang up. Why bother getting all worked up because someone’s doing their job? It might be annoying to get those calls by picking up the phone, you’re agreeing to talk to the person on the other end. If you don’t feel like talking, just let them no. If you want to save time, just say ‘no’ and immediately hang up. I’m sure that if you don’t hang up right away, they’ll reach into their script and start reading off a list of reason why you shouldn’t hang up.

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  1. Hi Don,

    This is the way I handle telemarketers, and it really irritates them.

    Caller: Can I speak to Mr. Smith please ?
    Reply: Yes, just wait a minute and will get him.
    Caller: Okay no problem.

    1 – 2 minutes passes while I do other chores.

    Reply: I’m having trouble finding him, can you just bare with me a minute please ?
    Caller: No problem.
    Reply: Oh I think I’ve found him. He is outside the front of the house talking to the next door neighbour. I’ll go an get him.
    Caller: Thank you.

    Now leave the phone for about another 2 minutes.

    Reply: He says he will be in very shortly to answer your call.

    Leave the phone for another 2 – 3 minutes and then don’t say anything, just hang up.


    But seriously, if the big companies can keep me on hold for 20-40 minutes after 8 menu options, and then when I finally get through to the right extension (if you’re lucky) it either goes engaged or the call drops – then so can I! Rude or not.

    And one other note on the insurance scam, yeah the guy says when you’re old you can get all that money – but before you get it you have to pay $120,000.00 in premiums for the policy. If you put all that money into some sort of tax sheltered saving like an RRSP instead you’ll actually be better off. I think eveyrthing is over insured in this country and people are insurance mad. You have to have a policy for everything, well at least the others do – I don’t because I would rather put my hard earned “taxed” money in my pocket rather than someone elses. The next thing you know they will be selling insurance for insurance companies that don’t pay up.



    P.S> By the way, I had a really rude telemarketer the once call me. Next thing I had going was the manager calling me from her house sincerely apologizing and the next day I had the Vice President of the company that called me apologizing too and they fired the person that was rude to me.

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