I didn’t cancel but maybe I should

I am still having problems with Bell Sympatico messing up my monthly invoice. Their customer service representatives are telling me one thing and doing something else. They are not following through with what they are saying and I have to sit and wait on the phone while they correct their mistakes.

If you can recall from last month, I wrote a rant about how they outsourced their call centers to India. By outsourcing to India, their Canadian call center is only open until 7:00 PM and it hard to get a hold of someone if you work late. They have it set up so that if you call from an area that’s in the Eastern Standard time zone, you won’t get in. I’m sure that they have customers out in British Columbia and if those customers call at 7:00 PM EST, someone will answer their call. Why can’t that same someone answer calls from the rest of Canada?

The beef that I have with them this month is the fact that they’re charging me fees that are supposed to be waived. I did not agree to the contract that they put me on so everything that was initiated is considered void. But since I was removed from that contract, they decided to penalize me for it. That wasn’t a good move. I had to call them up and ask them to fix the problem and if they didn’t fix it, I would have canceled my service with them.

If you take a look under the “Adjustments” section of the invoice, you can see that there‘s no credit for $55 for the modem upgrade. The fee consisted of two charges. One charge was for shipping and the second charge was for the upgrade. Because I convince them that the contract was void, they agreed to credit me back the $55 for the upgrade. There’s a credit for $8.86 for something but I have no idea what it’s for. Maybe they’re crediting me back the $55 in installments?

Just below the adjustment section is a section for “Other charges” where they charged me $100 for “Early Termination.” I don’t know why they are charging me that since I am still with them. I never asked them to cancel my service but after seeing that charge, I was seriously thinking about canceling. If they were going to charge me a fee when I haven’t canceled yet, I might as well cancel and save myself the headaches of having to deal with these mistakes.

It wasn’t hard to get them to credit me back the $100 because the representative that I spoke with was smart enough to look over the notes from the previous representative that I’ve spoke with. That’s what every representative should be doing when they get a call regarding past calls. Sometimes, I have to tell them to look there but they should be looking there without me telling them, to familiarize themselves with my account. It doesn’t take that long and I wouldn’t mind holding while they get up-to-date.

After all the necessary credits were applied to my account, I had an outstanding balance of $129.26 which is still pretty high for two month’s worth of internet service. But I paid $146.37 for last month’s invoice which I should have only paid $91.37 which should leave the balance at $37.89 but since I paid the full amount, I should be left with a credit of $17.11.

No matter what ISP you go with, there’s going to be some bumpy roads along the way. So far, I have not been with an ISP that has not over charged me for something albeit I’ve only been with a couple. Bell Sympatico since they were the first to be available in my area so I went with them. But since the ISP market has expanded, I am considering other companies. If I was still at my parent’s house, I probably don’t need to pay for internet since the city is offering it for free.