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A few years ago I participated in a little web wide project called CSS Reboot. It asked that my site be placed on hold and a new layout will be launched on May 1st. This year, I plan on doing the same thing by redesigning of my website and launching it at the beginning of May. The new layout will be up the night before May 1st because I will be activating it before I go to sleep. I’m getting old now so my Cambodian bed time is a lot earlier than before.

The only part of the site that’s going to change will be the blogs because it’s a simple matter of uploading the themes to the necessary folder. The rest of the site will have to wait until I’ve created a template out of the theme. Once I’ve made the template, all I have to do is copy and paste the code that I’ve had on there before.

I’ve made some minor modifications to the layout of the site but the main structure of everything remains the same. I would like to get rid of the menu on the pages but until I figure out how to create a plugin for WordPress, they’ll have to stay. I would like to create a contact page where people cans send me emails but I’m not too sure how to get that done with WordPress without creating a plugin.

So here you have it, the new spring layout. I’ve used a mixture of dark colours and lights colours but I tried to keep the colours light since it’s spring. At present, the theme is active but I’m the only one that I can see it when I visit the page.

I’ve made the content area larger than before because I find that I would like to make the images larger than 500px just in case I feel the need to display larger images. The sidebar remained the same width since there wasn’t anything in there that required me to make it larger than it already was.

This is the first that I’m using a pattern as a background. I’ve used a pattern as a background before but they were just diagonal lines which isn’t all that big. This time I went ahead and created something more appealing, at least, I think it looks good.

I’m stick with the calendar look from the last version where the date would show up on top of a calendar image. This time, I tried to make it a little cleaner than before and less glossy. In the end, it does what I wanted it to do.

I’ve changed the title of the blog from “Chronicles of Don Khuth” to “Don Khuth Chronicles.” It’s not a major change but I’m still looking around for a title that will suit me better. For now, that’ll have to do. Basically, it’s just a day-to-day log of what’s going on in my life and in my head and the title “A day in the life…” is old and over used.

And finally, I’ve designed to edit the WordPress logo and used that as a link to their site. It looks a bit nicer than just have the word “WordPress” show up in the sidebar. I made it black and white to match this theme.

So in a couple of days, the new layout will be launched for this blog followed by the update for the rest of the site. I need to start getting back into PHP programming before I forget everything that I’ve learned in the past few years. Criticism and comments are always more than welcomed.

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  1. You guy are always in black while i am always in the bright one 🙂 Great job you have done!!!Well, is there any party to welcome the new layout?? Ring me if there is hehee…

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