Tree cutting

For the last few weeks I have calling the city’s forestry department to request that someone come over to my house and look at a tree. This tree is pretty harmless except for the fact that it’s growing near a gas line. It has been three weeks and no one has even returned my call. The danger isn’t major right not but eventually the tree will rupture the line.

My girlfriend’s father asked me to cut down this tree but after I took a look at it, the tree is too high for me to cut down. I would need a sixteen foot ladder to get me up high enough and start cutting it down from the top. If I start right from the bottom, the tree will fall and might land on top of someone’s car roof. The tree is on city property so it’s their responsibility to take it down. The city likes to take their time when it comes to things of low importance. It’s low priority because no money is being made by this. If money was involved, it’s a whole other matter.

My neighbour who lives directly behind me had a visit from a city employee in a matter of hours but that was because they were charging him for something. Another neighbour had called to complain about the garbage at the back of his house so someone from the city came and left him a notice to get it cleaned up. The visit from the city employee caused a chain reaction which leads the employee to check out other things around the house. Upon further inspection they noticed that the wall surrounding the backyard was cracked and needs to be replaced. They gave him a deadline of May 5th. If he did not have it fixed by then he’ll be charged a fine.

As far as I know, a dirty backyard is nothing compared to a possible gas leak. My neighbour’s backyard was dirty because he was doing some spring cleaning. It’s common sense. And the neighbhour that complained didn’t even care to ask him about it. She saw that he was there cleaning up but apparently he was cleaning up too slowly. It’s hard to clean up fast when you’re over fifty years old with a bad back. He’s doing what he can with the clean up in his condition and he doesn’t need any disturbance form the city. But charging him a fine means income for the city and cutting down my tree means no income. Which one would the city take priority over?

The first time that I called, a lady that was on the phone said that someone would call me back. I don’t know why she didn’t book an appointment for me since I was calling the correct department. I waited a week and called back again and this time she said the same thing. Someone just wasn’t right here. It was taking far too long to get a tree looked at. I wasn’t asking them to cut it down, I was asking for someone to come and take a look. I’m not even that far from City Hall so I don’t see why it would take so long. All it took from the other neighbour was a complaint and someone was over right away. Couldn’t that person take a look at the tree while they were looking at my neighbour’s backyard?

This is the start of the third week and I still haven’t heard back from them so I sent them an email. This way, I’ll have a record that I’ve sent something to them and nothing is being done. If it continues like this, I’ll have to contact someone higher up. I may be one person in a population of half a million but from what I can see, the city hasn’t done much for me lately. I work for a living, I pay taxes and I don’t cause any trouble. I’m helping the city by paying my taxes so the least they could do is send someone over to my house to take a look at a couple of trees.