Black gold

Can anyone explain to me the reason why the price of gas has gone up to almost $1.15/L? As far as I can tell, there isn’t any need for the price to go up so high since oil companies are making record profit. I don’t think that the demand for gas is more than it was last year. With all these different types of renewable energy showing up, I can’t see why the price of gas is sky rocketing.

Everyone who drives a car are complaining that the price is going way too high but not too many people are doing anything about it. I drive to work but I only live minutes away. It takes me about five minutes to get from my house to my workplace. I only drive because it’s too cold to walk. If the weather was nicer, I’d walk to work because it only takes me fifteen minutes. I don’t want to support the oil companies any more than I have to so I’m cutting back when I can.

From what I can tell, there is no shortage in oil. The oil companies are testing everyone to see how much people are willing to spend for gas. I hear people complain about the prices of gas as it goes up but that doesn’t stop them from filling up. Every litre of gas that goes into the tank is just another litre of gas. The price could go as high as $1.50/L and people will still be pumping gas.

I hear that people will have to give up their car if the price keeps going up but somehow I find that hard to believe. Transportation is a necessity in this day and age and without, you waste a lot of time travelling. Public transportation is crap and takes forever. When I was in college, it took me an hour to get to school if I took the bus but if I drove, it would only take me fifteen minutes.

At the time, I would spend $60-$70 per month for a bus pass but I always wasted forty hours a month on walking to the bus stop and waiting for the bus. With a car, I’d be wasting money on gas and insurance but I’d at least save myself the time and headaches. I think it’s worth it to have a car rather than taking public transportation.

But even public transportation is affects by the price of gas. I don’t think that it should but every company is out to make a profit so they have to raise prices. Since the day that I first started taking the bus to now, bus fare has risen from $1.25 to $2.45 but the bus drivers are doing the same job and driving the same buses. If they want to save some money, maybe they shouldn’t put so many damn bus stops all over the place. They have bus stops on almost every block.

Prices are going up but nothing has changed. The process of refining oil shouldn’t have changed and there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of it either. It’s all a game. Just think about it, when the Canadian dollar rose to almost $1.10 US, the price of gas didn’t go down at all, did it?. Instead, the price of gas went up. How is that possible?

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  1. The gas you pump into your tank today is fractioned from oil that was purchased many many months ago and put on a ship. You’re paying the old price.
    There is good news for energy though. Look up a company called nano-solar. This type of stuff is the future. 1 consumer $/watt production processes means we’ll all have our own power-plants at home at some point.

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