University bound

I’ve been putting off this post for a few months. I should have written it and publish it when I received the notice from McMaster but I got a little lazy. Anyway, I am one step closer to enrolling in the Bachelor of Technology Program at McMaster University. I applied for the program way back in December and I was hoping that I would get into the January 2008 semester but I didn’t think that I applied early enough for that. Nonetheless, I was hoping to start the program as soon as possible. At the time, it was getting pretty close to the end of January and I hadn’t heard back from them so I was starting to lose hope. With all the commotion that was happening back then, things didn’t seem like they were on the upside for me. But when I got home, I saw a sign of something positive.

Confirmation letter

With this letter, I can go ahead and apply for the courses that I’ve been waiting to apply for. The whole program is going to cost me over $7,000 but my company will probably reimburse me for it if I pass everything. At the moment, I’m waiting for an approval from my manager saying that they will reimburse me upon completion. I’ve been sending him emails after emails since January and I haven’t heard anything back from him yet. He’s the one that’s been telling me to get a training request in and I’m doing that but he’s not responding to my emails. I send him at least one email a week requesting an update on my request but I don’t get anything back.

I hardly see my manager because he’s not on site all of the time. He’s from Mississauga and that’s where his office is. He’s only in Hamilton once every other week so it’s hard to get a hold of him. The last time here was here, I asked if he’s been getting my emails because I haven’t received any replies. He informed me that he has and he would like to get back to me but my request is a special case. He told me that there’s a budget of $3000 per employee and since my request is doubled that, he’s waiting for an approval from his manager.

But the thing is I’m not taking all of that at once. I’m going back to school so the cost that I’ll be paying is on a per semester basis. That cuts the price down to $800 per course which is well under the budget set aside for me. The longer he takes to approve my request the lower the chances of it being approved. There are a lot of employees in this company but only a small budget for training so somewhere down the road, someone isn’t going to get approved for training.

I was tired of waiting for my manager so I went over to Mohawk and requested a copy of my transcript. Whether or not I get approved for this training request, I’m going ahead with the application. I’m sure that there are a lot of people who are apply to get in so I better get my application submitted as soon as possible. When I get my transcript in the mail, I’m going to forward it to McMaster. I’m very eager to get started with my Bachelor Degree and the longer I wait, the less enthusiastic I’ll become.

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