On the rise

Tim Horton’s is increasing their prices once again. The last time it happened was back in February 2006. Sometimes it feels that these price increases are needed because Tim Horton’s is upgrading their restaurants. I’ve only recently heard about the price increase and wasn’t expecting it to take effect until later on in the month but to my surprise, the price increase is already in effect.

Tim Horton’s recently upgraded their restaurants to accept credit card payments. Most people use pocket change to pay for their orders. I’m not sure why they’re accepting credit card payments now since it won’t mean that orders will take a bit longer. They have the new PayPass system where all you have to do is put your card up to the machine and it’ll debit your account but the last time I tried that, they took my card and swiped it anyway so I don’t see how that’s any quicker. I’m sure that they’re being charged a small fee for each transaction.

Tim Horton’s around the province will be increasing their prices by four to seven cents. A large coffee now cost $1.45. It caught me off guard when I was in line waiting my turn. I had the exact change in my hand, $1.38 but when the cashier told me that the cost, I had to reach into my pocket and pull out the rest of my change. It’s costing me a little more now to roll up the rim to play again.

Some people are saying that they’re not going to go to Tim Horton’s anymore because the price of coffee is just get too high but Tim Horton’s is not to blame. You can blame the price increase on the government because they’re the one who’s imposing a higher minimum wage. Companies are in the business to make money and they have to do what they have to do in order to make a profit. I’m sure that the prices will go up even more once minimum wage goes up to $10 an hour.

But on the other hand, there’s a rumour going around saying that Tim Horton’s products are getting smaller. The prices go up but you’ll be getting less coffee in your cup. Who knows, maybe pouring a few millilitres less of coffee can earn the company a couple of dollars more per pot. When I was working at Burger King, I noticed that the beef patties were slightly smaller because before they used to be the same width as the bun then all of a sudden they shrunk about a centimeter.

Everything is going to be going up pretty soon. It’s all part of inflation. The more that minimum wage goes up, the more that the government will be making because it’ll bring workers into a higher tax bracket. So workers who are getting this raise might think that they’re getting more money. A wage increase from $7/h to $8/h means an extra $300/year for the government.

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  1. I pay $1.49 at Country Style… it’s 4 cents more than Tim Horton’s but I don’t have to worry about waiting in line… the guy that works there has my coffee ready by the time I walk through the doors…

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