What exactly do you do?

I don’t understand how people can make so much money for doing nothing. I don’t think it requires a lot of skills to sit and doing paperwork or even attending meetings. There’s no reason why they should be making hundreds of thousands dollars more than someone doing a job that’s ten times harder. I can’t foresee a way of stopping them from making that money.

We as the taxpayers are paying for the high salary of city officials. If they get a pay raise, we get a tax hike. We would like to think that our tax dollars are being put to good use but it’s hard to believe that when we see so little done. Either the system isn’t working or we have money hungry people running the city.

Hamilton’s downtown core is designated as a Business Improvement Area (BIA). If you were to walk into the downtown area, you wouldn’t think there was any improvement at all. The streets are dirty, it’s highly congested, there’s no parking anywhere and there’s homeless people everywhere. There are buildings in the area that are very old and some are even abandoned. They won’t tear down those buildings because it’s supposedly is part of the city’s heritage. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound like much of an improvement. It’s a long way from improvement.

I don’t think the people at City Hall are listening to the residents of Hamilton. It seems like everything that they’re doing isn’t improving Hamilton at all. Things appear to be getting worse than what they were. Now they’re more talks of changing more one way streets into two way streets. Somehow, the city officials believe that till will help business grow in the downtown core. The way I see it, downtown will become more congested and will generate more air pollution.

Majority of commuters already have a headache when they’re stuck in traffic. Turning one way streets into two way streets will only make those headaches stronger. Someone at City Hall believes that adding more two way streets will bring more people to the downtown core. I don’t’ know about you but most drivers try to avoid busy streets. People in general try to avoid anything busy.

So here we are with dirty streets, congested traffic and old rundown buildings. What are the city officials doing? They’re sitting in their nice and cozy office making $100,000 a year. Their wages is a hot topic these days. City officials are making six figure incomes and nobody seems to know why or how they’ve managed to make that much.

The city manager of Toronto makes over $300,000 while the deputy city manager makes just under $250,000. But city officials aren’t the only one that’s making that kind of money. The president of McMaster University rakes in half a million dollars. It’s no wonder that tuition prices are so high. And the head of Hamilton Health Science makes $676,022. If you think that’s a lot, a nurse that worked part-time took him over $233,000.

I don’t understand what sort of task these people are doing that could justify the amount of money that they’re making. Do they possess the skills that no one else possesses or can their job be done by someone who can be well trained? From what I can tell, the people who work for the city don’t seem like they’re doing anything. The president of McMaster University on the other hand does seem like he’s earning his salary. From what I can see, McMaster has been booming during the years when he’s been president. But his salary isn’t being paid by tax payers, as far as I know. He’s being paid by the private sector and possibly the tuition fees from students. On one day, he’s doing a good job but on the other hand, in order to pay for that, tuition fees are raised.

There are a lot of people who makes a lot of money and it seems like they want more. Sports players want more money than they’re worth but all they do is play. And they play for an hour or two at a time. I wish I could get paid to play something. I’d be very content if I worked for two hours a day for half the year and get paid over $100,000.

These days, $100,000 doesn’t seem like much. If I continue to save at my present rate, I’d make that much in about fifteen years. Saving the money is the hard part but the easy part is that it can be spent in a matter of seconds. I respect anyone who works hard for their money. There’s a satisfying feeling when you earn your keep. My parents raised me right when they didn’t spoil me with money and toys.

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  1. Mac president is paid by tax dollars. It’s a publicly funded university. But, as you pointed out, he’s doing a great job, and that’s the price it takes to bring talent in and retain them against private industry.
    I still strongly believe the only way to not be a slave in our system is to start your own company and hopefully get rich..although apparently getting elected into city office ain’t too shabby either :S

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