Searching for a cure

I was sitting in the car this morning, waiting for it to warm up when an advertisement came on the radio about cancer. The ad involved a guy narrating his experience with the “Walk for Cancer” awareness campaign. These people walk to raise money to help with the research to find a cure for cancer. To be honest, I don’t think it should cost all that much to find a cure for a disease. It probably cost so much because there are people who are standing in the way of progress. The people performing the researching think that it’ll cost millions, if not billions to buy the technology needed to perform the reason.

Lately, there haven’t been a whole lot of new inventions. You’ll hear about new stuff every now and then but those new stuff are just newer version of something that’s already out there. For example, the iPhone, it’s not new technology. It’s just a bunch of old technology put together into one device. It’s nice to have because you’ve got everything right there at your finger tips but it’s nothing new.

I’m sure that there are lots of things being invented everyday but it doesn’t make its way to the public’s eye. Conspiracy theorist could say that big corporations are buying up patents so they can have the technology for themselves and not release it. For example, if there was renewable energy that can used but it will cause the oil company to worry about profit, the oil company will go in and buy the technology and once they’ve got it, they’ll destroy it. It might not be true but it could happen.

Take a look at the video below. It’s about an old man who finds a way to kill cancer cell. This serendipitous find can save many lives but at the same time, it could resolve the high fuel prices that we’ve been experiencing.

If you want a global crisis to be averted, leave it to the retired folks. They have more than enough time on their hands to get things done. And I’m sure that they have enough money to fund whatever it is that they want to do. If you leave it to paid employees to work on, they’ll probably take their time to find the answer because the longer they take, the more money they’ll be making. Some people make way too much money for doing the little amount of work that they do but more on that later. Money is a great motivator to get things done because without it, not too many people are willing to do the work.

Everything that can save people any amount of money will somehow have a big impact on the economy. The country will go into recession if its citizen ended up just saving and not spending a penny. The people of the US are in debt for something like a trillion dollar. There’s no way they can pay for all of that because the interest alone will kill them.

There are many things that were invented to help resolve an issue but the solution had no money in it so no one is willing to invest in it. I read a while ago that there was an inventor that invented a device that converted some liquid into a sort of fuel. He wanted to mass produce this device but he didn’t have the money. So what he did was built the device, one by one and gave it away for free in hopes of word spreading. Maybe he had an ulterior motive of getting rich later on who knows but the bigger corporation wasn’t willing to support his idea because there’s no money to be made in it.

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  1. Don, have you ever read the crimes that GM motors had commited? They had manufactured a car that had a higher chance of blowing up when in an accident because the gas tank was 2 inches (or something) closer to the bumper of a car than average.

    Because of this I think about 4 people died and sued GM for poor engineering. GM thought about it this way:

    It will cost us $X to recall all the cars back and fix the problem, but it costs us $Y to pay off every lawsuit that occurs because of this problem. Well it’s cheaper to pay off the families of people who die in our cars than to recall back all the cars and fix the problem. And so GM didn’t fix the engineering problem with their cars, and figured that if they had just paid off the families that sued them, it would be more cost effective.

    So I guess this proves that it’s true that money DOES hold back progress and morals of our societies.

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