Cordless Desktop Wave

I finally got the chance to test out my new keyboard and mouse. I bought the Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave back in January but I didn’t want to use it then. My old keyboard and mouse was working perfectly fine. Well, the keyboard was working but the mouse was missing in action. The batteries died a few times so I just set it aside. I’ve been using my tablet as a mouse this whole time.

Cordless Desktop Wave

Before the Cordless Desktop Wave there was the Logitech Cordless MX Duo. The keyboard was nice and light and had a whole bunch of function keys. It also had a scroll on the left hand side, much like the scroll that was on the mouse. There was a forward and back button that made it easy to go back and forth on a web site. The mouse had a back and forward button on it as well so it seem like this duo was made so that it’ll make your internet browsing experience a lot easier.

The receiver for the MX Duo was also the cradle for the mouse. When the mouse was placed in the cradle, it would charge up the batteries. I found that the cradle was a bit finicky. I had to position it just right in order for the batteries to charge. If it was slightly off, it would just sit there.

My first impression of the keyboard was that it looked comfortable to use. The keys are laid out in a way that the keys start to sink in. If you have your fingers on the home row, the keys would slope so that the “D” and the “K” keys are the deepest. Every time I type a letter, there’s a soft thump rather than a clicking noise. Sometimes I think I typed a key but I find out later that the key wasn’t fully pressed. When you’re a fast typer, missing a key can throw you off.


The keyboard feels like it’s a little slow to respond. That could be due to the wireless signal but there aren’t too many things that could be interfering with the signal. The mouse on the other hand responds flawlessly to my every move.

The mouse uses a laser rather than an LED so it’s more responsive and accurate. I’m able to use it on different type of surfaces. I don’t have much space at my desk so I use my lap. The mouse wheel allows scrolling vertically and horizontally. I rarely need to scroll horizontally but I’m sure that it’ll come in handy one day because according to my horoscope, I like working on spreadsheets for fun.

My overall impression of the keyboard and mouse duo is well worth the money that I spent for it. I’m still trying to get use to it because it doesn’t have all the functions has my last keyboard. The functions keys are grouped in threes but I’m used to them being grouped in fours. Every time I go to press F4, I’m pressing F3. Ergonomically wise, the keyboard is very comfortable to use. It’s very light so having it sit on your lap for a while doesn’t cause any pain. It has a nice design to it but the layout requires some getting used to.

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  1. It looks luxury. What about the sound when typing?? i hate the one produces sound when to be typed. My old one did that while my current laptop’s keyboard don’t 🙂
    I saw Mac’s keyboard, it really looks great otherwise i have heard that it doesn’t work properly with PC!!

  2. It does look luxurious because of the soft pad for wrist support. It makes a soft thump sound. Older keyboard make a clicking sounds but this one sounds like the impact has been cushioned.

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