WordPress 2.5

The folks over at WordPress has recently released version 2.5 of their blogging platform. My first impression of it is that it looks really good and everything appears to be very well organized. I am not experiencing any problems at the moment and I doubt I’ll experience any problems in the further. Everything that I need to write a blog is there and every version that comes out is making that task a lot easier to do.

The first thing that I noticed about v2.5 is the look. The colour has been toned down to softer and more subtle colours. You notice the change immediately when you go to log into the back end. The look is similar to the look and feel of the WordPress.com blog sites. I noticed this because I have an account at WordPress.com that signed up for to get an API key.


After you’ve logged in, you’re greeted with a wealth of information. The Dashboard contains everything you’ll need to get started on writing a blog post. It’ll tell you how many posts you have, how many draft posts you have and other stats about your blog. As you can see, I have about eleven posts that are currently in draft mode. I haven’t had time to finish those posts yet but at least, now you know that you have something to look forward to and that I’m not slacking on my postings.

Further down are some statistics about how much traffic I’m receiving. In order for that statistic to show up, I needed to get the API key from WordPress.com. It’s handy to have because it gives you an idea of how much traffic is coming your way.

What’s new to the Dashboard is the Plugins section. Sometimes there are plugins that are available but I don’t know about them until I actually go hunting for them. This section will give me a heads up on any useful plugins that gets released in the upcoming days.

The bottom part of the Dashboard is something that I check up on every once in a while. It’s links to some news regarding WordPress, be it related to updates, themes or plugins. I think most of it are links to key figures in WordPress because most it is linked to the same number of peoples.


Next we have the most useful part of WordPress, the writing section. This is heart of most blogs. This is where everything comes together. They’ve redesigned the layout of this section and moved some things around a little. Personally, I think that everything has been organized to make things more proficient. The “Auto Save” feature has been improved so you don’t have to worry about losing your draft post. In previous version of WordPress, I found that the Auto Save didn’t work as well. If I want to add some images to the post, I’d have to save the post first before uploading the images because those images are supposed to be related to the post. Since the post hasn’t been officially saved, it doesn’t have a specific ID so WordPress didn’t attach that specific image to that specific blog. The new version ties all of that together now.

Write post

The newest feature in this site is the image upload section. When you want to upload images, a Light Box effect starts happing and you can upload files without having to reload the page. The page didn’t reload in the last version either but this version is way cooler and looks a lot better.

Image upload

Once you’ve uploaded the images, they go into a gallery so you can access them later. Click on the gallery tab will display all the images that are related to this specific post. From there, you can click on each image and do all the editing to want to them, again without the page reloading.

Image gallery

If you require access to images that belong to other posts, they’re stored in the medial library section. What’s nice about the media library is that it will sort the files into categories. Apparently, I have almost 500 pictures and one audio file that I totally forgot about.

Media library

Next we have the plugins page. I don’t use this page very often since I only update the plugins when they are updated by their creators. Recently, I installed a plugin that will automatically update WordPress and any other plugins. It’s very handy to have because before I had to manually update everything by downloading the update, unzipping it, and then uploading it to the server. Now all of that is done when I click on a link.

Plugin management

And last but not easy is the Blogstats page. This page is a plugin that I installed to get some stats on my site. It was available on WordPress.com so I thought that it’d be nice to see some stats without going to the WordPress blog. The information on this page is nice to look at. It shows which blog is popular for the day, what people are searching for to get to my page and it has a nice little graph that gives you a picture representation of traffic.


I’m probably the last one to be writing about WordPress but I have other things that I want to write about. I just thought it’d be nice to let everyone know what I thought about the blogging platform that I’m using. Everyone has their preference when it comes to picking and choosing their platform and I prefer WordPress over the other. WordPress gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to displaying your page. There are lots of different themes to pick up, plenty of plugins download and a whole bunch of other things that makes blogging easy.

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