Lots of hits

Someone must be bored out of their mind to be coming to my site and reading every single blog I’ve written. I’m not sure if anyone has the time to go through every single one but apparently someone has taken the time through some of my blogs.

From what I can tell, since 4:30pm, someone from Spain, or so I assume, has been accessing my blog. According to the logs, they’ve been hitting every blog post I’ve written. They’ve worked their way from the main page to the photo blog section and ending at my blog.

At first, I thought that someone actually took the time to reason every single post but from as I can tell from the time stamp, there’s no way they can read each post in less than three seconds. I don’t think even the fastest reader in the world can read that fast. It takes at least a second to scroll down the page and then another second to click on the link going to the next page so that leaves one second to read everything. If this person can read everything in about a second, I’d like to know how.

After seeing all that activity, I had a suspicion that someone might be trying to take down my site. They’ve viewing one page every 2-3 seconds which means that they’ll be viewing about 20-30 pages a minutes. They were on my site for a at least 34 minutes before I blocked them so they managed to view about 680 – 1020 posts. There are 578 posts in my blog and 258 posts in my photo blog which brings the total to 836 posts. I managed to stop them at 541 posts.

I don’t know what would have happened if I let them continue viewing all those posts. I am limited on the amount of bandwidth that I’m allowed every month. The images in the photo blog are about 250kb each so they managed to get at least 64mb of bandwidth. If this permission meant harm to my site, I’d have to take precaution and blog them temporarily.