Move bitch, get out the way

Sometimes it’s alright to stop and yield others but other times they can just forget about it. I’m sure that there are benefits in giving others the right of way but that’s not always true. There are cases where it might hurt you more than the other person.

Drivers are crazy people who are in a rush to go everywhere. It doesn’t matter if they’re driving across the street to a Tim Horton’s or whether they’re driving an hour away to the next city. Where ever they go, they’re in a rush to get there as soon as possible.

But it’s not just the speedy drivers who are crazy. The slow drivers are just as crazy because they make the speedy drivers crazier than they already are. Slow drivers do things very slow in a fast paced environment. Take your sweet time merging onto the highway can get you into an accident.

When you’re driving and going places, you don’t want things in your way. In Canada, people like to idle and get in other people’s way. They don’t want things to be done on a timely manner. They want things done but they take their time in doing so but you can’t carry on until they get out of your way.

Taxi drivers do it all the time. They’ll purposely stop in the middle of the street to let their passengers get out of the vehicle. Sometimes I don’t mind it because it happens very quickly but other times they take their time. One time I had to wait because the taxi driver didn’t want to pull into the driver way to let out the customer. So I had to wait until they unloaded all of their groceries.

Taxi drivers are always in a rush to go somewhere so to save time they leave the car running. They can’t afford to shut off the engine for a few minutes. Other times, a taxi will hold up traffic because the passenger wants out right there and then. With only one lane, the taxi is holding up a whole bunch of cars to let the passenger out. It only takes a few seconds to pull to the side or maybe around the corner. I think that an obstruction of traffic is a federal offense punishable by fines.

Tax drivers aren’t the only one that holds up traffic by not pulling over. Every vehicle that carries a passenger is a potential threat. This morning, I drove by a car that appeared to be waiting for a passenger to get out. The door was wide open and I saw a leg stick out. I didn’t have much room to drive pass them so I slowed down almost to a stop. I stopped for a few seconds but the passenger didn’t budge. Their door remained opened and nobody was going anywhere.

I assumed that the driver would be kind enough to inch over to the right to let me pass but he didn’t move. I had to drive over the side walk to get pass them. I don’t know what happened to common courtesy anymore but no one wants to give the right of way. I think that’s one of the main reasons why they made it a law to yield to buses.

For buses, it’s hard for them to switch lanes when nobody will let them in. When you don’t yield to buses, you’re not holding up one person, you’re holding up everyone on that bus. All it takes is for one person to slow down to let the bus go and everyone will be happy.

But sometimes, it’s not good to slow down. When I have to turn onto a busy street, I usually always have to wait for that one car that’s moving really slowly. And for someone reason, they’re always driving onto the lane that I have to turn into. They drive so slow that the traffic behind them catches up to them which in turns means that I can’t turn. If they drove a bit faster, I would have been able to turn before the rest of the traffic catches up but that rarely happens. And it’s the same case when I try to cross the street. I can’t cross because this one car is moving to slow and by the time it passes, the traffic behind it are already speeding down the street.

I honestly don’t know how some of these drivers get their drivers license. Who in their right mind would pass them during their exam? If the speed limit is 50km/h, you should be driving roughly at that speed and not 10km/h slower. There are simple, straight forward rules to obey when you’re on the rule but if you don’t know them, you shouldn’t be driving in the first place.

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  1. You would hate it here in Victoria, BC. Half the roads here are 30 km/h limit, and the highways are all 80 or 90 only. On top of that, its very laid back here, everyone drives UNDER the speed limit, and many people are reading papers and what-not whilst driving!

    A drive that would take me 10 minutes in Hamilton takes 30 here. It’s insane, theres tons of traffic and everyone drives like their tires are stuck in mud.

    After moving here from Ontario, I really had to adjust my driving for this province, I got a speeding ticket on my first day here, and a lecture from the police officer that if I continue to drive “like they do in Ontario” I am going to run into serious problems. He was saying the cops here are really strict, even going 60 in a 50, they will pull you over, where as if that happened in Ontario, you’d be furious that he pulled you over for such a thing.

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