Like most people, I like to buy things, whether I need it or not, I buy it. I try to save money but it’s hard to save something that’s meant to be spent. Sometimes I buy the small things and without noticing it, all of those small things add up. And the thing that helps raise the price is taxes.

I don’t understand why the stores don’t post the prices of items after the taxes have been applied. Every time I go shopping, I try to work out the price of an item after tax. I know that the tax is applied at the cash register but it would be nice if they had the final price displayed. Showing the price before the tax is applied is probably a good way to fool the consumer into thinking that the product is inexpensive but wouldn’t it be more practical if they showed us how much it would cost after tax?

When I was in Hong Kong, the price that was shown is the price that you would pay. I was able to add up the cost of all the items that I bought and I knew if I had enough money. Once I knew what the final price was going to be, I’d make a decision on whether or not the product was worth it. But around here, if something is ten dollars, it doesn’t mean that it’s ten dollars. After applying the GST and PST, the final price is a dollars thirty more. Adding numbers is fairly easy but when you have to add and then multiply, it gets a little tricky. Unless you’re a math wizard, you’ll need a piece of paper to work on those larger numbers.

This year, taxes dropped two percent. There’s nothing wrong if you over calculate something. That just means that you’ll have some buffer room. But I didn’t follow exactly when the taxes were dropped so I kept calculating things at fourteen percent. In the end, it just means more change in my pocket. I think my coat pocket is starting to rip from the weight of the coins.

I think retail stores should save us the trouble and do the calculating for us. If something is ten dollars, I’m expecting to spend ten dollars when I get to the cash register. I don’t want to have to break a twenty and end up carrying change around.

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  1. Hey Don, did you know that they actually have taxes calculated out in the UK for the final price? But I agree with you, I don’t know why these prices aren’t already worked out. I mean, it is a bit of a hassle if the price changes (i.e. sale), but it helps everyone out. lol

  2. I wasn’t aware that the taxes were already including in the UK as well. But adding the tax into the price might give the illusion that there is no tax… or is there? dum dum dum….

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