Coming and going

When you work in a large company like I do, you don’t have time to meet everyone who works there. I work in such a large company that people come and go without me knowing. Since I’m in the I.T. Department I should have somewhat of an idea when people are hired and when they leave.

I work for a company that employs about six hundred people at the Hamilton site. It’s an international company so their global number of employees ranges in the thousands. A couple of weeks ago, they had to close down a site in Germany because that sector wasn’t doing too well. The company tried to reduce the number people it laid off by transferring some of them to another site but unfortunately, they can’t accommodate for everyone. But even for a site that’s all the way in Germany, I was able to hear about it. People left my site and I don’t find out until a couple of weeks later.

When there are new employees, I have to prepare their workstation for them so they can do their jobs. And when people leave, I have to pick up their computer and put it back in stock. What’s nice about it is that you get to meet new people all the time and when there’s a problem with their computer, I’m the first person they go to. I usually suggest that they contact the helpdesk because that’s what procedure dictates they do but unfortunately, they don’t have the patients to be placed on hold.

Recently, one of the employees from the Quality Control Department left the computer. I’m not sure exactly why he left but he’s been gone since the end of February so I’m assuming that his contract was over or something. I did not find that out until yesterday when I asked about him. I wouldn’t have known about it but a new employee started yesterday and was sitting at his desk. At first, I assumed that he was assigned to field duties but then a coworker told me that he was no longer with the company.

He has been gone for three weeks and this is the first that I’ve heard of it. I wasn’t that close with him but the fact of the matter is that he’s gone and it took three weeks for me to find out. He wasn’t one of those employees that go around the plant a lot so I doubt that many people know that he’s left. But it’s a little scarier to know how easily someone can be forgotten. Within a couple of weeks, people probably won’t even remember his name.

I used to think that once you create some sort of bond between someone, they won’t forget who you are but I’m starting to think that the bond isn’t as strong as I thought. There are people who I talk to a lot and chances are that they’ll forget me within a matter of weeks.

When I used to work at the library as a security guard, I would do my patrols and talk to fellow coworkers and it felt like I gotten to know them pretty well. But the thing was they only knew me as a security guard and nothing else. When I’m in my civilian attire, they would walk right past me. It’s a strange feeling knowing that there are people you know who don’t acknowledge you when you cross paths.

Since I haven’t been working at the library for that long, it’s even harder for people to recognize me. There are the few who still remembers me even though I hardly talk to them. There’s one employee who still remembers me but only because she has seen me out of uniform a few times at the harbour front. But when I see each other, we just say “hi” and continue on our way.

A workplace is a workplace and some people could care less about anyone else. Some people go to work just to work. They keep to themselves all day long and communicate with no one. I don’t know how people can do that. I’m the type of person who likes to go around and talk to people at work even if it means a quick hello.

There are a few people who I might have forgotten over the years but I recognize them if I was to see them. If I’ve forgotten them completely, there’s a chance that they didn’t do anything the least bit significant for me to remember them. To the people at the library, they’ll probably remember me as that Asian guy that walks around.

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