Hong Kong: Day 2, Part 3

My solo journey in Hong Kong eventually leads me to Lai Chi Kok Park. I don’t know how I managed to find this park. I think I got off the subway at the wrong stop and found myself in another district. As I was changing stations, I saw the park outside so I wandered around for a bit to take some pictures. I was in no hurry to go anywhere since the subway train comes and goes every few minutes.

The thing that caught my attention as I was switching station was the monument at the entrance of the park. Well, from where I was standing, it appeared to be the entrance but it was just something in the middle of the park. The monument was surrounded by colour flower. If those flowers weren’t there I probably would have missed this park completely.

Lai Chi Kok Park entrance

I walked around for a bit, taking pictures of things that I haven’t seen before. Well, since I was in a country that I’ve never been before I wanted to capture everything no matter how insignificant it was.


There were a few monuments in the park and some had an inscription on it. Since Hong Kong used to be a British colony, the inscriptions were in English as well. If you can’t read it, this one says, “The Lai Chi Kok Park opened by Dr. Philip Kwok Chi-Kuen, JP Urban Counselor on 13th, January 1990.” It’s nice to know that the park was opened on my birthday.

Lai Chi Kok Park monument

Anyway, here are a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure. I still have a few more days’ worth of pictures to put up so I’ll try and make these posts short.



Fish swimming in the pond

Warning sign

The sign says “No releasing of captive fish or waterfowl into the lake/pond is allowed. Offenders are liable to prosecution and upon conviction, to a maximum fine of $2000 and imprisonment for 14 days.” It sounds like you’re allowed to catch the fish but you can’t release your own.

Rock pathway

Lai Chi Kok Park