Oceans apart

Relationships are hard no matter what type you have. I always thought that it would be easy but as it turns out, there’s a lot of work involved. I was under the impression that once you get the girl, you don’t have to worry about impressing her anymore. Boy, was I wrong. Relationships are something that you have to work on every day. If you miss one day, you’re out of sync. With that being said, long-distance relationships are even harder.

My lovely girlfriend, Jenn is over eight thousand kilometres away. She’s in a whole other time zone and sometimes she’s in a whole other day. Right now, the time difference is a bit tricky but we’re getting the hang of it. The time difference between eastern Canada and Hong Kong is about twelve hours. So when I’m waking up, she’s just getting out of work. And when I’m just getting out of work, she’s just waking up. It’s not too hard to talk during those times but the conversation doesn’t last too long. Once I get to work, I have to cut our conversation short. And when she’s at work, I’m already fast asleep.

The time difference isn’t the only obstacle in a long distance relationship. Making those phone calls isn’t cheap. I never realized it at first but buying all those phone cards is expensive. When she first moved out to Hong Kong, I would buy a phone card and it would last a week. But as the days go by, I wanted to talk to her more and more. I later realized that buying all those phone cards can cost about forty dollars a week. I’m trying to save money but I also need to keep in touch with her as well.

I’m sure that I can save money by using MSN Messenger or simply typing out an email but I need to hear her voice. Yes, I could do video chat which comes with audio but the only time we can do that is on the weekend when we don’t have to rush to work. During the weekday, I’ll call her just before she leaves for work. This gives us a fifteen minute window where we can talk for a while. And while she’s at work, we swap emails with each other. When I’m at work, I try to call her before lunch, which is about the time she goes to bed. But there have been times where I am not able to get to a phone on time before she gets to bed.

Sometimes I can’t call her because I don’t have a phone card with me. I could call her directly with my cell phone but I’m sure that it can cost a lot for an overseas call. The last time she called me without using a calling card, the bill came out to one hundred dollars for a twenty minute call. This was on the day that she landed in Tokyo. I wasn’t mad because I was up waiting for her call. I wanted to know that she got back on the ground safely so that hundred dollars was worth every penny.

When I do have a phone card handy, it’s not guaranteed that I’ll be able to call her. Lately, I’ve been having some issues with the phone card that I use. Every time I call the access number, I run into some errors. Sometimes my PIN isn’t accepted by the system so I’ll have to re-enter it. Sometimes, my phone sends out the wrong tone and the system doesn’t hear it. And sometimes the circuits are busy and my calls don’t go through. I can make numerous attempts but I’ll get the same results. It’s frustrating when you’re in a rush to make a phone call and nothing is working. Sometimes I get the feeling that something out there doesn’t want me to make this phone call but I can’t let that stop me. I need to make that phone call and I need to make it as soon as possible. There are ways to avoid busy circuits and that’s by buying different phone cards from different companies. I’ve worked in this industry before so I’m aware of what’s happening in the background. Some companies take on too many customers for their own good. It’s best to buy calling cards from companies who are able to support the number of customers that they have.

Long distance relationships are hard but they don’t have to be. In today’s information world, there’s no need to make distance an obstacle between two people let alone two people who love each other. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll never know the true test of your relationship until you’ve gone through something like this. Couples are meant to be together and not separated. If they are able to hang on to each other when there’s a great distance between them then there’s no telling what kind of obstacles they can overcome.