Happy Birthday Dad!

On March 9, 2008, my father turned 50 years old. It’s a milestone age so I wanted to do something big but knowing my dad, he probably doesn’t want us to do that. We were limited as to where we can take him for his birthday because we had a big snow storm Saturday night. We wanted to take him to Korean Hot Pot but unfortunately, the business didn’t know about Day Light Savings time and opened late. We didn’t want to wait so long so we took him elsewhere.

We wanted to go to Hot Pot and since the restaurant that we wanted to go to was closed, we took him to lunch at Jade Garden. Everyone attended lunch, my mom, my four brothers and my brother’s girlfriend.

I went to check on the Korean restaurant before everyone left the house to see if they were opened. Since they were still closed, I walked over to Jade Garden. It was a good ten minute walk and I assumed that everyone would be there by the time I got there. My parent’s house was only a few blocks away and they were driving there so I didn’t see why they wouldn’t get there first.

When I arrived at Jade Garden, I didn’t see their car and they weren’t waiting inside the restaurant. I grabbed a table for eight and waited. A few minutes later, everyone arrived. Apparently, my brother’s car was stuck in the snow and it took them a while to push him out. On top of that, my dad’s car didn’t want to start because it ran out of gas. He left it on and went to take a nap not knowing that he left his car running.

After everyone arrived at the restaurant, we ordered all you can eat hot pot. I wasn’t expecting the amount of food that they brought over because the last time we went to hot pot, they gave us small portions. I think this place wants to make sure everything is there so it’ll be less work for them. They brought out so much that we didn’t get a chance to order seconds. By the time we were done eating, some of the items were still sitting there.

Usually, I’d get my dad something for his birthday but not this year. I think taking him out to lunch was good enough since we bought him a Samsung 50” Plasma television for Christmas. I would have saved that present for his 50th birthday but I had a feeling that he might buy one himself because a lot of his friends were getting big screen TVs.

Over lunch, we talked about things but it wasn’t a lot of things. My parents and I don’t talk as much as we should. I know that I can talk to them as if we’re friends but it feels weird if I was to talk to them as if we’re friends. I told the more about my time in Hong Kong and my dad shared some stories of Cambodian hot pot. He told everyone a story of how there were people in Cambodia who would have hot pot on a boat. At first, it sounded strange but then he said that they would be in the middle of the lake and they would scoop the seafood straight out of the water and cook them. You can’t get any fresher than that.

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