White stuff

This weekend calls for a lot of snow to be landing on the ground. The weather stations are saying that there will be 25cm of snow by afternoon today. I was a little skeptical at first but I’m a believer now.

Since early Friday morning, every radio station was informing their listeners about the chance of heavy snow. When I first heard about it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The day before, you could watch outside with a t-shirt and all of a sudden they’re calling for snow? The Canadian winter gets crazier and crazier.

By night fall on Friday, the snow was starting to fall but it wasn’t that much. They were telling us to expect 5cm of snow on Friday night, another 5cm of over snow overnight and 10-15cm of snow by Saturday afternoon.

Front yard

When I looked out the window, it didn’t look too bad. I wasn’t too worried about having to shovel the snow. I let it pile up in hopes that it’ll melt as it hits the ground. As I peered out the window, I didn’t see a lot of snow falling. I think it was just bad timing because every time I looked out the window, it wasn’t snowing. But somehow, 25cm of it landed on the ground and it wasn’t going anywhere.

I went outside to get rid of some of it. I didn’t want it to pile up too high or else I wouldn’t be able to get out. I saw that my neighbour’s sidewalk was plowed and so were the next three houses. I don’t know why they couldn’t continue and plowed my sidewalk as well. I would have appreciated it if they did but they stopped short.

When I was living with my parents, my dad and my next door neighbour would plow the whole block. My dad would go one way and my neighbour would go the other way. That’s the nice thing about having a neighbour who owns a snow blower, they’ll help out the rest of the neighbourhood by plowing the sidewalk. It doesn’t take that long since the machine does all the work.

Over in my block, the neighbours will only do their sidewalk. What’s an extra ten feet going to hurt? I was a little saddened that they weren’t willing to help me out but I didn’t let it faze me too much. I didn’t want to waste time so I started shoveling before the next wave of snow start to fall.

Back yard

My back yard is even worse. The snow back there is almost as high as the seats of the picnic table that I built. This means that there’s about sixteen inches of snow back there. If I was to stand in my back yard, I’d be knee high in snow. I’m not going to risk that so I’m staying indoors where it’s nice and warm.