I’ve been stuck with a sore throat for the past couple of days. I’m hoping that my body will take care of it as always but the coughing isn’t helping. I cough so much that I’m getting a workout with my abs. It’s nice that I’ll get solid abs after this but it’s not worth the pain.

Ever since I got back from Canada, I haven’t been feeling too well. I’m not sure if my body is readjusting to the weather here or what but I’m my health doesn’t seem to be improving much. I’m not sure if I’m getting sick because it’s the winter time but it seems like a lot of people are getting sick.

Last week, a couple of people in my department didn’t show up for work. Another worker was in but he was coughing up a storm. The next day, he was off sick and he hasn’t returned yet. On Saturday, my coworker was supposed to go into work but when I called him, he sounded terrible. He is also still away. When I got into work today, I started out being fine but as the day progressed, my cough started to get rougher and my throat started to get sorer.

I cough to the point where it feels like the air that’s rushing out is scratching my throat. That in turn makes me cough some more and it gets worse. Sometimes I cough so far that the cough just stops abruptly. And then I want to puke.

My brother called me up to go out and have dinner but I had to decline because I was in no condition to eat. He recommended that I try a medicine that his boss gave him. He warned me that it’s going to taste really bad. If you’ve ever had Buckley’s, it’s supposed to be worse than that.

I’ve never tried Buckley’s so I had nothing to compare it to. I’ve just heard that the medicine tastes bad but it works. I thought nothing of it and gave it a tried.

As soon as I inhaled the scent of the medicine, I didn’t want to put the spoon in my mouth. So I grabbed my cup of ice tea to chase down the medicine. It helped a bit but as soon as I swallowed the ice tea, the taste of the medicine came back. It was awful. I put the spoon down and went back to playing on the computer. I check to see what was in this medicine when I noticed that he recommended that I take two tablespoon twice a day. So, I had to take another shot.

The second time was worse than the first. The after taste lingered around for a lot longer. This stuff was terrible! There’s no way that I could take this thing twice a day. I have enough trouble as it is with one dose.

I checked to see if I could find the ingredients. There was a list of three items:

  • 20mL Goldenseal
  • 75mL Echinacea
  • 25mL Marshmallow

This thing must be lying because I couldn’t taste a hint of marshmallow in it at all. If the marshmallow was more strong maybe it wouldn’t taste so bad. But you know what, as I’m typing this, I’ve come to realized that I haven’t cough since the start. I don’t want to jinx it but I think this thing is working. But thing again, it could have been the iced tea that did the trick.