Happy Anniversary!!!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year now since those many sleepless nights. This past year has gone by so quickly that it seems like only yesterday. We’ve gone through ups and downs but in the end, we were able to hold it together.

Jenn and I have been together for a year now and I love her more and more each day. Our love story isn’t the most romantic story that you’ll ever hear but I’m hoping that one day, it will be. I would hope that one day, I’ll be able to do things that make it seems like our relationship is one out of a fairy tale. If it’s within my powers to do so then I will make it so.

When we first started dating, we spent a bit of time together. As the day went by, we started spending more and more time together to the point where I moved in with her. Since we spent so much time together it seemed like moving in was the best next step. I was already over at her place most of the time so why not? Sometimes, I thought maybe we were moving a bit fast but at the same time, I felt comfortable enough with her that it seemed like the right move in the right direction.

Jenn and Don

Jenn and I met one day in December 2006. I was Christmas shopping and before heading home, I stopped by her workplace to visit a friend. Little did I know that this was the day that I met the girl of my dreams. Technically, she is the girl of my dream since I dreamt about her that night. The dream was so strange and so real at the same time that I had to pursue her. I’m a shy person so I didn’t go right up to her and confess. I waited until Valentine’s Day to make a move. Even after I’ve made my move, it took a while to actually confess my feelings. I made a “lame” attempting a getting together with Jenn but it worked.

The thing that attracted me to Jenn was her kindness by offering me a cupcake. Normally, treats are reserved for people you know but she was kind enough to offer me one. Then there was one day that I made a stop at her workplace and she had baked more cupcakes. Again she offered one to me. I didn’t eat it at first but she told me to eat it. The way she said it triggered something in my head and made me feel good. I’m not sure what it was but the way that she said, “Eat your cupcake” sounded like the tone that a loved one would say to you. It didn’t sound like a demand or anything. It wasn’t like the way that your mom would tell you to eat your broccoli. It sounded like more like a compassionate suggestion.

Now, it’s a year later and we’re still together. I’m very happy where I am in my life. And I’m extremely happy that Jenn is part of it. Other than the fact that she’s thousands of miles away, I’m happy. I hope that I can make her very happy too. She deserves to be the happiest girl in the world right now and always. Since we’re so far apart from each other, I wanted to do something for our first anniversary but the distance made things tricky. I wanted to stay in Hong Kong longer but I couldn’t because I had already used up all of my vacation days. The only thing left for me to do was send her flowers from here. I didn’t want to be a bad boyfriend and not do anything for our first anniversary so I sent her flowers.

I searched around on the internet for a florist that will deliver in Hong Kong. I found one when I was in Hong Kong but I didn’t save the site. When I got back to Canada, one of my first priorities was to find that florist. I had planned this during my trip but Jenn, being the person that she is, likes to think ahead. She thought up of an idea and suggested that I could get her something and mail it to her. She likes to think of things like this and for some reason, it’s the same thing that I was thinking of. So, she pretty much knows exactly what I was going to do. Or does she?

12 pink roses

Since she had already thought of the idea, she assumed that I wouldn’t do it. Knowing me, I’m a bit slow when it comes to brainstorming up ideas. So, imagine her surprise when she arrived home to find flowers in her bedroom.

I placed an order with the florist and requested that they make the delivery in the evening. Jenn is busy at work during the day and there’s a chance that she might be out after work. I had to make an assumption that her roommate would be home otherwise there wouldn’t be anyone to accept the delivery. I clearly stated in the instructions that her roommate was allowed to accept the flowers on Jenn’s behalf.

I sat around at work and waited patiently for her call because I knew that she would call once she sees the flowers. Unfortunately, my phone ran out of batteries so I wasn’t able to receive the call. Once I charged up my phone I saw that there was a voicemail waiting for me. Sure enough, it was Jenn. She had received the flowers so things went according to plan.

Jenn and I share a lot of first things together and I remember all of it albeit not very detailed. I remember our first kiss which was a tad awkward because I missed her lips completely. When I was walking home, I was kicking myself for making such a stupid move. But after kissing her for a while, I’ve gotten better at it.

I’m not the best boyfriend in the world but I hope that one day I can be. I want to be there for her during her times of need. I want to be by her side through thick and thin. I know that sometimes I can do stupid things but it’s not intentional. I can’t explain myself for causing her pain but I will make up for it. I’ve made her a promise and I know that I might have already broken that promise but I will do everything I can to fix it. I don’t want to ever make her cry again unless it’s tears of joy.

Happy First Anniversary Jenn!

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