Hong Kong: Day 2, Part 2

At first glance, Hong Kong might seem like a very dirty city to visit but the fact of the matter is it’s pretty clean. It just gives the appearance that it’s dirty but if you take a closer look, it’s actually a lot cleaner than Hamilton. The air quality is supposedly worse than Hamilton but it’s nothing big that I’ve noticed. I only had trouble breathing on my first day there but that might be because I was a bit sick from the bus ride home.

I think the reason why the city appears to be so clean is because there are garbage (or ask the locals call it “rubbish”) cans situated on just about every block. In Hamilton, you don’t see too many garbage cans in the area. Usually, they’ll have some by bus shelters but that’s about it. That seems to encourage people who take the bus to put garbage in the garbage cans but not other.

There have been times where I would come to a stop at the lights and see people cross the street. As they cross, they take things out of their pockets and throw away the wrappers. The guy did that right in the middle of the street as he was walking to the other side. I think that the city should implement stricter laws and make the city cleaner, especially the downtown core. There’s garbage everywhere. They’re not doing enough to keep the city clean. I see some city worker walking around with a garbage bag picking up litter off the street but one work for the downtown core isn’t enough.


Every night, I would see workers going around the busy street to empty the garbage and they were pushing one of these things around. They go around to all the garbage cans that they can get to before their cart becomes full. After it’s full, I have no idea where they go. They sort of disappear along with the garbage. I didn’t take the liberty to follow them to see where they go afterwards since I was too busy with other things.


Some of the buildings look like they’re pretty dirty too. Sometimes, when I’m walking out of the store and onto the street, it feels like I’ve entered the ghetto. Some of the apartments look like they’re about to collapse. But I think that’s what it looks like from the outside. Once you’ve entered the apartment, it’s actually pretty clean. If the owners invested more time in making the exterior look nice, I’m sure they could probably charge more since it’s a bit fancier.


You might not be able to see it clearly enough but most apartment has an air conditioner installed. I found that a bit weird because it seems like every apartment has one. In Canada, it’s a bit expensive to have an air conditioner but not here. The funny thing is that they have an air conditioner installed but there aren’t any heaters. If it gets too cold, the tenants simply put on another layer of sweater.
When I was staying with my girlfriend, there were some nights when it got a bit chilly but it wasn’t too bad because I had her to keep me warm. Usually, when I get a bit cold, I’ll turn on the heater for a bit but not here. Heaters are more of a luxury than a necessity. Heck, in order to take a hot shower, we had to turn on the hot water heater. That thing only heated up a thousand litres of water which mean that you could take a hot shower for a couple of minutes. After that, you’re surprised with cold water.