Hong Kong: Day 1, Part 1

On my first day in Hong Kong, I got a chance to walk around my girlfriend’s neighbourhood. She had to go to work so I had to wander around alone. My girlfriend showed me around for a bit so I didn’t get lost. I just wandered around the block and then back again so I wouldn’t get lost.

My girlfriend suggested that I wander around in the mall first instead of going site seeing because I could get lost. She knows me and knows that sometimes I can’t figure out my bearings on which direction I’m heading. I took her up on her suggestion and visited a couple of malls in the area.

Olympian City 1

The first mall that I headed to was Olympian City 1. There’s two parts to this mall and if you want to go to the second part, you’d have to cross over a small bridge. I had a little trouble finding the location of the second one and I ended up walking towards the harbour instead.

Mural of Hong Kong

When I entered the mall, I saw a hanging poster saying something about art in Hong Kong. To the left of it was a giant mosaic mural of Hong Kong. Even though it looks like it’s painted, it’s actually small pieces of square tiles lined up beside each other to create one giant picture.


I went outside and found this sign on the escalator. It appears that Hong Kong is trying to save energy where ever they can. What I notice about Hong Kong is that, there are lots of escalators everywhere. And some of these escalators aren’t your average escalator that takes you up one floor. Some of these escalators take you three floors up.

There’s a general rule regarding escalators. If you’re planning on standing still while you go up or down, you have to stand to the right so that people who are walking can continue to walk on the left hand side. That’s a good idea and I think it should be enforced everywhere. I had it when I’m in a hurry and there are people on the escalator, just standing there and talking.


I took the escalator downstairs and somehow landed myself outside of the mall. I wasn’t expecting to leave the mall so soon but I didn’t want to back track just yet. I decided that I would keep going in one direction and then head back when I’m done, just to keep myself on track.


Hong Kong has a lot of high rise buildings. Everywhere you look, you’re towered over by residential buildings that houses thousands of people. My girlfriend is paying a rent equivalent to that of the price back home but the apartment is much smaller. Heck, the bathroom is small. When she tried to describe what the bathroom looked like, I couldn’t picture it. She said that the sink, toilet and shower are all in one room. That sounds simple enough. Then she said that it was small but I couldn’t picture it because if it had a shower in there, it couldn’t have been that small. Then she mentioned that the shower was right over the toilet. WTF! I’m thinking that maybe she’s using the toilet as the bath tub or something but as it turns out, there isn’t a shower stall or bath tub at all. Basically, you get a shower head and you take a shower in the bathroom. The floor is slight sloped so that the water has a place to flower. The washroom is about a six foot by six foot room. That’s all the space you get to take a shower. I tried it once and it is a little odd compared to back from.


Some of these condominiums might look like their pretty big but chances are they’re not that big. Everything here is compacted and space is very limited. My girlfriend has a kitchen but I don’t think that her and her roommate has even used it yet. They’re so tight for space that it’s easier and cheaper to eat out than stay in and cook food.

Phone booth

One thing that might be pretty cheap is the cost of owning a phone. I gave my girlfriend my Motorola Razr since it was already unlocked so she could use it here. She’s on a prepaid service and it lasts pretty long. In Canada, a $10 voucher can last you thirty days. Here in Hong Kong, the voucher lasts a good six months.

The telephone booths supposedly come with Wi-Fi but I haven’t actually tested that out yet. I’ve only seen the signs on the booth but I haven’t gotten into the booth to place a phone call. There aren’t too many phone booths situated around the city. Everyone has a cell phone rather than a land line since it’s a lot cheaper.

There’s more to come regarding the things that I did on my first day. This post is getting too long and it’s becoming a post on its own. I’m a little behind on the posts so you’ll see things pop up one after the other. I’ll be sure to keep you posted when I get time to type everything out.

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  1. Glad to see you made it safely Don. Hope you have a wonderful holiday over there, keep sending the pics.

  2. wow mah the washroom sounds small but it sounds like you can shit and shower at the same time lol neway hope you enjoy your stay there and havin’ alot of fun

  3. Lolz… okie the washroom is 6’X6’… its not so bad… the house my brother and i rented has smaller bathroom then that… its 3′ X 5 feet… stupid Calgary i thought they have everything big….

  4. whoa.. I don’t think you guys can fit into 3’x5’… sounds like it can only fit the toilet in there… hehehe… and maybe a bit of leg room when you go #2.. 😛

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