Vancouver Airport

When I got off the plane and walked into Vancouver Airport, I thought that it was a small place. As I started to walk towards my departure gate, I saw that it was a lot bigger than I had expected. It looked a lot bigger than the Pearson Airport in Toronto.

I didn’t head to my departure gate right away. I had two hours to kill before the next flight so I found an outlet to charge up my laptop. I was expecting to use it during my flight but apparently, I used it too much at Pearson that the battery ran low about thirty minutes into using it. Plus, I had to make some phone calls to people to let them know that I arrived in Vancouver alright.

After I was done with my business, I headed to the heart of the airport. To my surprise, it was pretty big. There were a lot of duty free shops and restaurants in it. There was even a nail salon. I had to skip all of that because I had to rush to my flight. I adjusted my watch to match Vancouver’s time so when I looked at it, I thought it read 12:30pm. My flight was schedule to leave at 12:45pm. I practically ran to my gate.

Gate 58

When I got there, I saw people just sitting around and the boarding desk was empty. My ticket said that boarding should have started at 12:10pm and yet these people were just lounging around. I checked my watch again and saw that it was only 11:30am. I guess I was in a bit of a hurry that I read it incorrectly.

Since I wouldn’t be getting on the plane for another forty five minutes or so, I decided to grab some lunch. I walked back to the food court and grabbed a couple burgers and a drink. After I was done eating, I walked around and took some pictures.


In the middle of the food court are two Native Indian statues. There were attached to a little pond that had something that looked like fishes but was actually a plastic cut out. From a distance it looked pretty real because the water was flowing and the shape of the cut out made it look as if was flowing around them.


The pond goes under a bridge and continues to the other side. This part looked like a man made ecosystem. I didn’t see any real fishes in the pond but I did see coin in there. It was nothing special but it was a nice scenery to look at after having spent five hours on the plane.


If you follow the pond to the end, you’ll see an aquarium. This was one giant fish tank. They had a lot of fish and marine life inside of it. Some of the plants looked like they were alive. They could very well be living creatures instead of plant life. I couldn’t tell since everything in the tank looked like it was moving.


Most of the fish were dark gray but there was one that stood out. I don’t know what kind of fish it was but it was pretty big. Actually, all of the fish in the tank were a fairly large size. I’d say that they’re big enough to fish a phone.


On the other hand, there was another fish that was gray that caught my eye. Well, it didn’t catch my eye. I was looking around the tank when I saw another fish laying dormant. It wasn’t swimming like the other fish. It was just clinging onto the wall and staying motionless. I’m not sure if he’s resting or just feeding off the rocks.


I easily became bored of the fish tank so I decided to head to my gate and just sit around until the boarding process begins. I didn’t know it at first but there were art work placed throughout the airport. None of them looked appealing to me since they looked a little plain. But there was one that looked kind of cool.


The artist cut pieces of the guitar out and show what was inside of the guitar. It was almost like it was a Transformer disguised as a guitar. I didn’t take a closer look at it since my flight was getting ready to board.

Like I said in the last post, the flight was delayed for a few minutes because the pilot was stuck in traffic. We were scheduled to take off at 12:45pm but we didn’t start moving until 1:30pm. I had already turned off my phone so I couldn’t let my girlfriend know that I was going to be a little late. All I could do was sit back and enjoy the ride.

Air Canada 007

During the take off part of the flight, I usually look out the window. I would probably get sick if I didn’t see us moving. If I was sitting in the middle seats, I might have a hard time controlling myself so the flight home is going to be interesting since I’ll be sitting in the middle area.

I don’t know the exactly flight path but I was told that we would be flying over northern Canada and then across the Pacific Ocean. At first, there wasn’t much to look at. There were a few islands that had houses on them. As we started to fly away from the island, I saw that there were a lot of cruise ships. I’m assuming they were cruise ships because they were white in colour and most cruise ships are white.


It would be hours before we enter the land of the glaciers. Just looking outside and seeing nothing but snow for miles gave me chills. It was as if I’ve chartered into unknown territory where the elements are dangerous.


Miles after miles you would see nothing but ice and snow. I kept looking at my watch because it was taking so long. And everything was so big that it made it feel like we weren’t even moving. It was as if the plane was just floating in mid air or we’ve ran into some really strong turbulence that keeps pushing us back. I wanted time to fly by faster so I tried to go to sleep and hope that when I woke up, I would be in Hong Kong.

Ice mountain

Hong Kong did not seem like it was reachable. Every time I woke up to look out the window, I saw nothing but snow. I kept looking at my watch and doing the calculations on how much longer it would be. I had to compensate for the time zone change that I made in Vancouver.

I wanted the flight to be over with as soon as possible because I don’t know when I’ll start to get sick. I didn’t feel like anything to coming on but you never know. Sometimes it starts out of nowhere and other times nothing happens.

The flight landed in Hong Kong thirty minutes late. As I looked out the window, I saw that it was a dark and rainy night. I hate the rain when I travel. It prevents me from seeing clearly and if I can’t see when I’m moving, I get sick.

I got off the plane and made my way towards customs. They looked at my passport, looked and me and said okay. I was clear to leave the airport and make my way to baggage claim. When I got there, I saw my luggage but it was too far for me to get to it in time. I had to wait until it came back around. When it did, one of the bags went missing. They were sitting together when they went around the bend but one someone disappeared when they came back around. I decided to wait a little longer to see if it would return. Sure enough, it did. I grabbed my stuff and quickly walked to the arrival gate.

There were a lot of people waiting there but I was looking for a familiar face. I found her at the end of the walk way. She looked as beautiful as ever. During my flight, I pictured that moment in my head and I almost started to tear but this time, it wasn’t me who was crying. My girlfriend had tears in her eyes. It shows how much she misses me even if she won’t admit it.