Hong Kong, here I come

If you’ve never been on a long flight before, let me tell you that it is quite the experience. My flight from Vancouver, British Columbia to Hong Kong is supposed to be fifteen hours long. That’s a long time to be sitting down. You’re free to get up and walk around when the seat belt light has been turned off but the aisle ways aren’t that wide and there’s not really anywhere you can go other than the washroom. The flight attendants were very helpful and made the flight pretty relaxing.

Air Canada 007

We were a bit late to take off because the pilot was stuck in traffic but as soon as he got on board, he got the plane moving right away. Unlike the previous flight, this flight didn’t have any entertainment because their audio and video system wasn’t working. I saw a couple flight attendants at the front so I thought they were going to entertain us. They were just up there to do a safety review. It was a little fun to watch because it was like charades. The announcer kept repeating himself because he had to say it in English and then in French. Sometimes he’d even repeat the same procedure.


The weird thing about this flight is the fact that the sun is always up even at four n the morning. It’s about 5:20 am EST and the sun is just starting to set. I fell asleep a few times during the flight but every time I woke up, I just wanted to go back to sleep. It felt like one of those lazy Sundays where you don’t want to do anything but sleep in. As I’m typing this, I’m still a little drowsy.


It’s a good thing that there’s no one sitting next to me or else I wouldn’t have gotten a good sleep. Before we took off, people were scrambling to move around to another sit. Initially, there was a guy sitting beside me in seat H but before we took off, he moved to the back of the plane. I was happy that he left because that gave me more room. I slept on two seats which were a little comfier than sleeping upright.

The flight was thirty minutes late to take off but from the looks of things, we might be making good time. When I land, I don’t think I’ll be sleeping right away but I’m going to have to try to adjust to the time zone somehow. I’ve been sleeping a lot on the plane but all that sleeping has only made me more tired. So I guess it’s a good thing that it’ll be night time in Hong Kong.