We have lift off

I am currently airborne on Air Canada Flight 1163 en-route to Vancouver. This flight is packed and there are no empty seats. I was hoping that I would be sitting alone so I can have more room for myself but I’m not. I’m sitting beside an old Chinese man who apparently sat at the wrong seat initially. I think he can see what I’m typing right now but I don’t care.

The flight was scheduled to take off at 8:00 am but it was slightly delayed because of some seating discrepancies. The flight is full but some people weren’t in their seats yet. The old Chinese guy beside me was sitting in row 27 when he should be in row 26. I checked my seating plan before I left the house and saw that I would be alone. When I got to the check-in counter, the lady asked where I wanted to be seated. I thought that I had already selected my seats but I guess she didn’t know that. She issued me a boarding pass for seat 26A which was the exact seat that I had selected.

Air Canada

When I was waiting to board the plane, I started to get a little nervous. It’s been years since I last stop onboard a plane. This feeling was expected. I just hoped that I don’t start to vomit when the plane starts to take off.

I board the plane and sat patiently, awaiting departure. The seats started to fill up fairly quickly. In front of me is a family of five. It started out quiet but things slowly got loud. The kid didn’t want to sit still and the dad wasn’t doing anything to keep him quiet. The mom kept passing him to the dad and the dad would pass him back to the mom. The mom gave up and eventually sat the kid down in the seat next to her. She said that if someone is going to take that seat then she’ll pick him back up.

As the seats start to fill up, people started to get a bit pushy. One lady wanted another lady to seat down so she could pass by. The first lady had to put her luggage into the overhead compartment but she was a bit too short so she asked one of the guys to do it. That caused a little pile up to start so she had no choice but to have a seat while the other people passed her.

My luggage!

I looked outside just in time to see the load up my luggage. The bad thing about it was that it was raining out and they left the roof open so my clothing is probably all soaked. Those bastards!


The flight wasn’t a bad flight. I took a couple capsules of Gravol so I’m assuming that it helped. They served free beverages during the flight but you had to pay for snacks and other food. I didn’t want to eat anything in case I might throw up. In the end, the flight didn’t faze me much. I tried to take some pictures during the flight but after the first few kilometres, it was nothing but clouds. Somewhere during the flight, I saw the Rockie Mountains but I couldn’t focus the camera on them since they were too far.

Left wing

During the flight, I manage to make small talk with the old Chinese guy. He saw me place my camera on the tray and asked if it was digital or film. I told him that it was a DSLR and he started telling me how he used to have one with the film in it. The talk didn’t last too long because his English was limited. After a while, he started to make hand gestures to describe things but that didn’t stop me from understanding what he was trying to say.

Left wing

The flight took me through three different time zones. I left Toronto, Ontario around 8:00 am and landed in Vancouver, British Columbia four and a half hours later.
We were cruising at an altitude of 10482km and at a speed of 774km/h. We ran into some minor turbulence here and there but it was nothing that scared me. Actually, the ride on the airplane is a lot smoother than the ride on a bus. I hardly felt any bumps. I was able to go to the washroom without being disturbed.

United Airlines

As for now, I have to go find me some lunch. I’m hungry as hell and I can’t see a restaurant in site yet. This airport looks rather small so I’m not sure if they have room for a restaurant here. Then again, it might be too early for them to be opened. It’s almost 2:00pm EST but it’s only 11:45am PST. And I think, once I cross the International Time Zone, it’s going to be tomorrow.

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