I’m currently sitting around at the airport waiting to board my flight. The 7:00am flight that I was schedule for has been delayed due to snow. I have to sit and wait for the next plane which takes off at 8:00am. In the meantime, I’m also waiting for the store to open so I can get some Gravol for the flight. I haven’t gotten on the plane yet but I’m starting to feel a little queasy from the lack of sleep. I’m hoping that all the coffee that I drank earlier will stay down until I get to Vancouver.


Last night, I did some last minute packing. I made sure that everything that my girlfriend requested is packed first and then some of my stuff later. She asked that I grab some vitamins for her roommate so I went out and got that after work.

Before leaving, I had to stop by my girlfriend’s parent’s place to drop off the car. They didn’t want me to leave it at the house in case someone tries to break into it. There’s nothing in there to steal so I wasn’t too concern but I guess they wanted to make sure that the car is safe since no one will be home to keep an eye on it.

I stayed and chatted with them for a while as I waited for my brother to pick me up. Auntie asked if I had enough room in the luggage to carry everything. I told her that there was plenty of room but she recommended that I take another one just in case. I informed her that I’m only allowed to check in two bags and I can carry on one but her dad said that there isn’t a limit. I was pretty sure that in my e-Ticket, it stated that I can only check in two bag max. I’m taking the economy class so I’m pretty sure that they’ll restrict me.

Since they ensured me that there wasn’t a limit, I took the extra bag and stated to pack clothes in there. When I got to the airport, the lady at the counter informed me that I can only check in two bags. What a surprise! The last bag was fairly light so I managed to separate the content and place them into the other two bags. This is the last time I listen to them. Sometimes I wonder if they’re trying to trick me into doing things.


Until my flight starts the boarding procedures, I’m sitting here awaiting the opening of this store so I can grab some Gravol and be off. My stomach is starting to make some noises. Either I’m hungry or I’m starting to get a little sick. I guess I better do something to get my mind off it. I’ve take some pictures of the airport but it’s nothing to exciting.