It doesn’t make sense

A life can be taken away as easy as blowing out a candle. It doesn’t take much effort to end it all. It takes a long time to gain a life but only a moment to lose it. Tonight, my friends and I mourn the loss of a good friend. There aren’t enough candles to light up the dark day that we went through.

Chanthoeun Hack is a funny guy. You always see him smiling or laughing about something. Every time I picture his face, there’s a smile on it. I can’t remember a time where there wasn’t a smile on his face. But after tonight, we won’t get to see him smiling anymore. It all seems so surreal. How can something like this happen to a guy like him? He’s one of the nicest guys I know. I just can’t believe it.

We have no idea what happened or why it happened. I found out from my dad when I was over at a friend’s house. When he called, I was confused because he was mentioning another name, the name of the younger brother. When I got home, my friend from across the street asked if I had spoke with my dad yet. I guess the initial news came from my dad. My dad received the news from my younger brother who had just gotten home form the gym. He got in touch with my friends who were playing Halo on Xbox Live. That’s not really a good place to receive news like this. Everyone was calling each other to confirm if it was true or not. It was all so sudden and it’s just a big impact that everyone was panicking.

My neighbour friends, Sao and Sokie and I decided to head to the General Hospital in hopes of shedding some light on the matter. When we got close to the hospital, we received a call. Our fears became reality. Our friend had passed away. We hurried to the emergency and as we got close, we could hear people crying.

A door swung open and my late friend’s parent walked through with tears running down their face. The father was shouting out in agony and asking why his son was taken away from him. The officer that came out took some more people in to go see him. The older brother, Chantha and Sao went in. Minutes later, as the doors swung open again, Chantha and Sao came out and they too were in tears. Chantha started to shout out in agony and in anger.

Chantha and Chanthoeun were very close brothers. Every time I was over at Sao’s house, both of them were over there just chilling out. All of us practically grew up together, from elementary school to middle school to high school, to now. We were close enough to consider each other as family and to lose one of us who’s that close is very hard.

We don’t know why Chanthoeun passed away. He was young and healthy. He didn’t do drugs or smoke and he barely even drank. He was active so to hear that his heart just stopped made our hearts stop as well. None of this makes any sense. He was at the gym playing basketball when he collapsed. By the time help arrived, it was too late to revive him. It’s all a mystery as to why his life ended so abruptly.

My friends and I went to his house for a little gathering. I’m sure that all of us needed each other’s support and comfort during a time like this. We all talked and shared stories about Chanthoeun. It’s sounded strange to hear that some of us were talking to him not even twenty minutes before he passed away. And it’s very sad to hear that his older brother’s birthday is coming up and he won’t be attending.

Chanthoeun had a good life ahead of him. He had recently graduated from school and he had plans on going places. He had planned on getting a good job so he could move his parents out of the apartment and into a nice house. He was a good son, a good brother and most of all, a good friend. I hope that he has gone to a better place than this cruel world. His memories will always be with us.

Chanthoeun Hack 1984 - 2007
Chanthoeun Hack
June 2, 1984 – January 17, 2008
Rest in peace, brother. Rest in peace…

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  1. Don.. we all share the same pain.. to watch someone like Chanthoeun go.. He was like a brother to all of us.. and we all miss him.. we’ll all be there for each other.. and let us remember all the fun times we had with Toon and all our laughs and treasure it with us.. we won’t forget about you Chanthoeun. Rest in Peace bro.

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