No more weekends

I’ve decided that for the next few weekends, I’ll be going in to work and put in some overtime. I’m hoping that I can take some days off in lieu of working on the weekend. It would be nice to get paid for the overtime but I think that taking days off is a lot better. If I work every weekend in January, I can exchange them for time off and I won’t have to worry about using my vacation days.

January has four weekends where I can go into work. This month I have to replace about twenty desktops and forty laptops. I’m coming in on the weekends to get the computers ready for Monday. Preparing the computers can take up to two hours per machine so if I get them done during the weekend, I won’t have to wait as long during the weekday. Getting the computer ready isn’t the hard part but migrating the user’s profile from their old computer to their new one is. If it’s a desktop user, I can just copy their profile to the server and then back down to the new computer. I usually do that after they’ve gone home for the day because their machine isn’t in use. If they’re logged in to their computer, their profile will be in use and Windows won’t let me copy over the system files. Switching over a desktop user is a lot easier and faster than laptop users.

In order to migrate the laptop users I have to email them and book an appointment with them. Some of them are too busy to stop everything that they’re doing to swap out their laptops. Unlike desktop users, laptop users take their computer home so at the end of the day I can’t copy their profile over to the server. I need their laptop in front of me in order to do the migration. Since it’ll take a long time, I’ve prepared about twenty laptops this weekend so they’ll be ready for Monday morning. When I get into work tomorrow, I’ll fire off a whole bunch of emails notifying laptop users that their laptop’s lease will be expiring at the end of the month.

Some of the users take their time to respond but there are a few that will reply to my email immediately. I’ve had a few people whole will call me as soon as their get the email. Those are the people whom I give top priority to. In my books, it’s first come first serve.

If I work every weekend in January, I can probably bank eight days off. Well, it’s more like seven days since I don’t really want to work on my birthday. Those seven days off would be great since it’ll mean more time off. I’m hoping to fly over to Hong Kong in February. If my passport is ready, I might make it in time for Chinese New Year. I’m hoping to make it for CNY in order to take advantage of my girlfriend’s vacation. I think she’ll get a week off but we have to wait and confirm that.

If I go after CNY, I’ll be wandering around Hong Kong alone because my girlfriend has to work. I wouldn’t mind doing that since HK is a pretty big place with lots of sites to see but I wouldn’t want to get lost while I’m there. I don’t know enough Cantonese to having a conversation with anyone let alone ask for help.

Plus, I’ll have to see if I can save up for a plane ticket. If I worked the overtime and decide to get paid for it, I could have enough for a plane ticket plus spending money but then I’ll have to use my vacation days. But working the hours and getting paid isn’t really worth it, not with the amount of tax that is being deducted. After tax, my overtime paid is equivalent to working for a week at regular hours so that means I’m losing about twenty hours or so. Taking time off is the better choice.

Since my girlfriend left for HK, I lost the interest in doing anything. I don’t want to have fun unless I’m having fun with her. It’s almost a week since she left and I miss her very much. If working overtime at work means that I’ll be able to spend more time with her then I’ll do it. We’re thousands of miles apart and I miss her very much. The last time I spoke with her, she was getting ready to go to bed and she was a bit sick. I’m use to be there by her side while she’s ill to take care of her and now that I’m not I’m getting worried for her well being. Sometimes I get the urge to stop what I’m doing and just hop on a plane but that will have to wait.

A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they’ve got planes and trains and cars
I’d walk to you if I had no other way
-Plain White T’s