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This year, the city of Hamilton will be enforcing a one garbage bag limit per household. If you have more than one bag, the city will not pick up the second one. They are allowing two bags but the second bag has to be clear. From the looks of things, this doesn’t sound like it’s a good idea and might make more of a mess than it can handle.

Every week, I put out one bag full of garbage. I’ll also have the blue bin out because I recycle the loads of paper that some delivery boy gives me. I used to have the green bin out but they stopped taking it because there was something in it that wasn’t supposed to be there. To make my life easier, I just throw everything that’s not recyclable in the trash.

In my house, there’s my girlfriend, myself and two cats. The amount of trash that we make will fill up one bag of garbage. I can imagine that a family will produce a lot more garbage than one bag. I think that any house that has more than 2 people will generate more than one bag of garbage. I don’t understand why the city would pass a bylaw that limits the amount of garbage we can produce.

If the city is attempting to save the environment, imposing a one bag limit might make things messier. Where are people going to go if the city won’t take their garbage? Take it to some waste management company? If they do that, they’ll have to pay to get rid of their trash. We’re already paying taxes so the garbage pickers will come by our houses to do that.

Our tax dollars is what’s paying the garbage picker’s wages. If they are restricting the number of garbage we can throw out then we should be compensated. Our tax dollars are there to pay for services like this so if we’re not getting the same service as before, we shouldn’t be paying the same amount.

The city thinks that limiting yourself to one bag of garbage per week is something that’s easy to do. For a small household that’s probably true but for a house full of people, it can be very difficult. When I was living with my parents, we never had a week where we had just one bag of garbage. The minimum that we had was three bags but we can go as high as five bags of garbage. My mom doesn’t like it when we have so much so sometimes she’ll put it in with our next door neighbor. They have two people in their house but I rarely saw one bag of garbage.

I’ve heard that there are families of three or more who manages to generate less than one bag of garbage every since months. I don’t quite see how that’s possible. How do they not generate one bag of garbage in at least a month? Don’t they eat? If they eat, I’m sure that they generate some sort of garbage, at least one bag a month.

You can probably limit the number of garbage bag by recycling like crazy but how much recycling can you do? Sometimes they recycling guys won’t take my blue bin if I don’t take the cap off the bottle. I don’t see why that’s a problem since the bottle and the caps are both plastics. From what I hear, they want us to take off the cap so they don’t have to hire someone else to do it. Since they don’t hire someone to take off the cap, they’re saving money but the tax payers don’t see any of that savings. If they city is cutting back on these services, I think that we should get a rebate.

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  1. It isn’t a cutback, it’s actually a more expensive program. But it’s completely needed as we are running out of landfill space quickly. Essentially a number of municipalities began studies showing that if you recycled to the limit of what you can blue bin, and green bin all organic waste, a typical family actually generates less than 1 bag of garbage a week. You just need to green bin all organics and get two bins of recycling out there. Without these measures taken now, landfilling will become a logistical nightmare…then nevermind saving taxes, hello raising taxes.

  2. you can reach the city at 905-546-CITY to get a new one… before they start charging you for the extra garbage bags.

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