This I promise you

I’ve just gotten back from the airport and things are looking a little gloomy. In a couple of hours, my girlfriend will be boarding the plane heading to Hong Kong. We arrived at the airport early in hopes of avoiding any dilemmas but not all dilemmas can be avoided. Seeing the tears in my girlfriend’s eyes as I walked away was very heart breaking. I didn’t want to leave her there alone but I had to leave. I wished that I could have stayed longer.

My girlfriend and her mom were up late last night doing some last minute packing. I had gotten to bed early since I had a long day at work and working at the restaurant. By the time we got home, it was close to 2:00am and I had to be up by 6:00am to leave town for the airport. The weather was starting to act up so we wanted to make sure we get there at least two hours before takeoff.

When we arrived at the airport, we found that the flight to Vancouver was delayed due to the weather. It was delayed until 11:00am which wasn’t good because it would mean that my girlfriend would be missing her flight to Hong Kong. The lady at the counter tried to help us out as much as she could but there wasn’t much she could do. She wanted to book a direct flight to Hong Kong but apparently that flight was closed. But then she found another route which would get my girlfriend to Hong Kong on time. That flight didn’t leave until about 2:00pm which was plenty of time.

I wanted to stay with my girlfriend until she boarded the plane but I had to drive her mom home. I tried to get out of driving her mom home but I couldn’t because her mom didn’t know the way back home. I offered to give her directions but she was afraid of getting lost. I didn’t have a choice but to leave because her mom had to get ready to open the restaurant. If it wasn’t for that I would have stayed.

As soon as my girlfriend’s mom mention that we had to leave my girlfriend’s eyes started to water. I hate seeing her cry and I would do anything to make her stop. She cried a few time while we were waiting but I tried to cheer her up. All I was doing was delaying the inevitable. She made me promise her that I wouldn’t cry at the airport and I didn’t.

During the drive home, I wanted to turn the car around and head back to the airport but I couldn’t. I had a passenger that needed to get home. The roads were terrible with slush all over the place so I was moving fairly slow. I was hoping that I would get back into town by 11:30am so I can head back out to Toronto and catch my girlfriend before she headed out. But when I got back into town, my girlfriend told me that she had already entered the boarding area.

While she’s away, I promised to take good care of the cats. They are annoying sometimes but usually they’re pretty good. The house is a bit messy right now with all the moving that we’ve done over the holidays so I’ll be cleaning that up too. It’s already gotten quiet around here and I don’t know how much of this I can take. I’m sure that it’s even harder on my girlfriend since she’s heading out on her own. She has been alone without me so she’s feeling a bit nervous. I reassured her that she will be fine since she’s such a strong person.

If things go well in my financial life, I’ll have enough saved up for a plane ticket to visit her. I have a couple of week’s worth of holidays that I plan on using during the middle of February. I’m hoping to go to Hong Kong around Chinese New Year so she can have more time off to spend with me. I haven’t taken a vacation in a long time so this is going to be exciting for me. I hope all goes according to plan.

I didn’t quite make a list for my New Year’s Resolution yet. That’s an annual tradition for me on this site but this year, I’m a bit too busy to make a list. This year, my resolution is to stay in touch with my girlfriend while she’s away. I bought her a promise ring to let her know that I will stay true to her and set aside some room in my heart for her until the day that she comes back to me. I promise to be faithful to her. I promise that I will be there for her in her time of need. And most of all, I promise to love her with all my heart. We may be oceans apart but I will be strong. Six months will not change how much I love her.