What time is it?

For our first Christmas together, my girlfriend gave to me, a nice little piece of accessory. It’s something that I’ve been wanting for the longest time but could not afford because it was a bit pricey. My girlfriend is good at finding deals and this deal was the big one.

My girlfriend wanted to get me a watch for Christmas but not just any ordinary watch, a Seiko Kinetic watch. But not just any kinetic watch but a Kinetic Chronograph watch. This watch is driven by kinetic power which delivers power to the quartz crystal. This means that it does not require a battery change at all. When the battery is full charged, it will last for five months. If I want to charge the battery, all I have to do is swing my arms. I do that every day when I’m walking. So as I’m walking around, I’m also charging the battery in my watch. The motion of my arm is converted into a magnetic charge and then converted into electricity. The electricity is then stored into a Kinetic Electricity Storage Unit.

Seiko Arctura Chronograph SNL003

Usually, I would buy Fossil watches because I like their design. I don’t normally buy a watch that’s fully analog but this watch is an exception. The technology that’s incorporated in it is a bit fascinating. First of all, the watch is powered by human movement so it doesn’t have to rely fully on a battery. The capacitor can hold up to five hours worth of reserved power so I can let it sit on the table for that long without having to worry that it will lose track of time. There’s an overcharge warning on there as well and a warning if the battery is about to be depleted.

The chronograph feature is displayed separately from the time. The red dials represent the chronograph while the steel dials are for telling the time. Right now, it’s taking me a while to tell the time because I’m used to using the whole face of the watch to tell the time. On this watch, the outer rim is used for the chronograph. The hour section is located on the lower part of the watch while the second hand is located on the upper left. The upper right section is for keeping track of the minutes that has elapse when the chronograph has been started. The chronograph is only good for forty five minutes. After that, it stops counting. It probably could count higher but there isn’t enough room on the face to hold more than forty five minutes. To the right of the hour section is the calendar. The thing about the calendar is that it has thirty one days so when it comes to months that has less, I’ll have to reset the date or else I’ll be behind.

I find this watch to be the coolest watch I have to date. It doesn’t have as much functions as my previous watches but it does the job. Even something as small as not having to change the battery is a cool feature for me. As long as it continues to tell the time, I will wear it. I try not to buy expensive watches because I’m such a klutz and I’m afraid that I might scratch it. I don’t know how but I tend to scratch the covering on the face. With something as expensive as this watch, I’m going to take care of it better. I don’t want to ruin something as valuable as this. And what makes it even more valuable is because it’s a gift from my girlfriend.