Ghost of Christmas past: Part II

It’s now the second day of this strange ordeal but things are starting to look better. I wanted to stay with my parents last night but my dad told me to go home. I wanted to stay but at the same time I was afraid to stay. I would be lying there on the couch when I would hear noises from down the hall. My grandma was sleeping in the room at the very end of the hall and my dad went in to check up on her. After he was done, he came back into the living room with me. As he was sitting there and doing things on the internet, I heard a door close. I assumed that someone had walked into the washroom but when I looked up, the washroom door was wide open. A door had closed but it wasn’t a door that I could see. The door that goes into my parent’s room was already closed. My brother had his door already closed as well. The only door that could have closed was the door to the room that my grandma was in.

I didn’t want to go check because I started to get a little spooked. I started to hear crackling voices from down the hall. I couldn’t sleep without hear the voices every minute or so. I fell asleep for a bit but woke up shortly after. My dad saw me fall asleep and told me to go home. I told him that I was staying the night. He asked if I had the car with me and I told him that I didn’t. He offered to drive me home so I accepted.

The next day, I dropped by the house again to see if things have cleared up. My grandma was lying down on the couch in the living room now. She was still saying things but it didn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary. I assumed that she was back to her normal self again. But the more I spoke with her, the more I doubted that she was back to normal.

Me: Hi Grandma! Are you feeling better?
Grandma: Oh Doeun! Come give your grandma a hug.
Me: How have you been?
Grandma: I don’t know. There are some things that are confusing me.
Me: Things like what?
Grandma: Well, for some reason I can speak Thai. Do you know how to speak Thai?
Me: No, I’m sorry but I don’t. I know a little bit of it.
Grandma: Like what? Say something in Thai for me.
Me: Well… Sawa dee krab.
Grandma: Oh! Sawa dee kah! You do know a little.
Me: I think that’s about it.
Grandma: Can you translate some Thai for me?
Me: I don’t think I know enough to translate.
Grandma: Then can you explain to me why I know Thai?
Me: What do you mean?
Grandma: I shouldn’t know how to speak Thai but if Khuth is still here, I can.
Grandma: If Khuth is gone then I wouldn’t be able to speak Thai but now I know Thai, Filipino and English.

After a while she would start switching between Thai and Khmer. She would look at the portrait of my brothers and I and start speaking in Thai. It sounded like she was chanting something because the last words would rhyme. After she was done, she would look at me and ask what she had just said. I told her that I didn’t understand what she was saying. She would respond by asking how she could understand it. She said that she’s been living in Cambodia for the longest time and shouldn’t understand any other language and yet she can understand two more languages.

But that’s not all that’s weird. As I was playing Halo 3 with my little brother, my grandma was mumbling a few more things. The only thing that caught my attention was when she mentioned an event that happened a long time ago to one of my brother.

Grandma: Where is the one that fell off the roof of the house? Where is he now? He shouldn’t have fallen. It was all my fault. If I had only loved him more and be there for him more, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Where is he now? Ha ha ha!

My grandma shouldn’t know about this little accident because she was in Cambodia at the time but my late grandpa would know because he was there. Way back in the late eighties, my brother was climbing on a roof and trying to get to the grape vine. The roof was top of the basement entrance and was about eight foot high. He was trying to get a piece of grape when he lost his footing and fell to the ground. I don’t know how he landed but the fall gave him a black eye.

When she mentioned the accident, I started to believe that she could be really possessed by my late grandma but believing it in sort of defies by belief in the paranormal. I didn’t think that ghosts were real but I’ve seen videos on YouTube where people have caught ghost sightings. Some of those videos can be very frightening.

As of yesterday, my grandma appears to be back to normal. My dad asked the monks to stop by the house and bless it. I arrived at the house shortly after they left so I wasn’t there for the whole ceremony. They left a chalice of holy water behind with a string in it. That string was for me and my grandma was supposed to tie it around my wrist. As she wrapped it around my wrist, I noticed that she wasn’t has noisy as before. When my late grandpa was in her, he would be talking a lot. But now, all I see in front of me was a quiet old lady. I hope that things are back to normal and I hope that we don’t get any more disturbances.

The souls that are wandering this planet in the afterlife should stay in the afterlife and not cross the border to enter our realm. But there are some souls that cannot go in peace because of something that happened during their life time. I don’t think my late grandpa had anything that might cause him pain in the afterlife. He was an alcoholic and drank a lot. He somehow managed to get alcohol from the LCBO after we requested that the not sell him any. He might still be drunk after he passed away but I hope that he can rest in peace now.