Ghost of Christmas past: Part I

I was hoping to spend Boxing Day like everyone else, shopping. It’s the one day of the year where the malls are jammed packed and people are practically touching each other. If you’re looking for parking at the mall, you can forget it unless you’re there very early in the morning. But instead of shopping, I was called on due to a little family issue. It was regarding my grandma so I feared the worse. She’s been a bit ill the last few days and has eaten much. When I arrived home, the complication wasn’t what I had expected. It was a bit scarier than I thought.

I was walking around in Futureshop looking for a plasma TV. I had recently purchased one for my dad for Christmas but now it was on sale. Futureshop has a price protection plan that will refund the money if the price drops. On Boxing Day, the price dropped $300 so I was hoping to get a refund for that amount. If I can save $300 somewhere, I’ll do it. I walked over to Customer Service and inquired about that policy. The representative informed me that they did not have any more of the TV in stock so I couldn’t get the refund. It was hard to believe that this store would be out of stock on the day that they plan on selling a lot of these TVs. I found out later that they did have it in stock just not in the store but in the warehouse. My brother spoke with the guy that we bought the TV from and he said that the one that we purchased was a lot better than the one that they were trying to sell. The TV that was on sale was a lower model and was a lower quality than our TV. They didn’t have it on display because people would see how bad it was and not buy it. So in the end, I was happy with the TV that I bought and the price was reasonable.

As I was heading out, I received a phone call from my parent’s house. My mom was on the line and asked me to come home and bring my girlfriend with me. I told her that my girlfriend was at work so I can’t bring her along. She told me that my grandma was having some problems and then she went quiet. I asked what was going on but she didn’t answer. Then my brother got on the line and told me to come home because my grandma was ill and she was speaking to my grandpa. It sounded like she was hallucinating and speaking to her late husband but when I arrived at home, that wasn’t the case.

When I got home, I saw that the living room was full of people. My mom, brothers, uncle and cousin was over and they were sitting around. My brothers were playing video games but everyone else was sitting on the couch. My uncle told me to go see my grandma and greet her because she wasn’t herself. I thought maybe she was a little sick since she didn’t eat much a few days ago. When I get into the room, my mom told me to ask my grandma if she recognized me.

Me: Hi Grandma!
Grandma: Hello!
Me: How are you?
Grandma: I am fine.
Me: Do you know who I am?
Grandma: Yes, you’re my grandson.
Me: What’s my name?
Grandma: Your name is Doeun. And you’ve grown a lot
Me: Oh, I’ve only grown a little bit.
Mom: Tell Grandpa to go away and leave Grandma alone.
Grandma: No! I will not go!

At this point, I was a little confused and a bit scared. I had no idea what was going on but it seemed like my grandma was possessed. From what everyone told me, my grandpa had taken over. This is the late grandpa that lived with me. My grandma was sleeping in his old room and in her weakened state, my grandpa supposedly possessed her. She was saying things that only he would have known.

This whole ordeal started the night before. My mom, dad and brother could not sleep because she was mumbling so much. All of the mumbling was directed mostly towards my dad. She was saying that my dad did something wrong and he’ll have to pay for it soon. We wanted to set things right but we had no idea how. We asked how to set it right but she wouldn’t tell us how.

Everyone around the house was trying to get a hold on things and figure out what’s going on. I’m not a believer in the paranormal but when I see things like this with my own eyes, I tend to believe it a bit more. There could be a scientific explanation for something like this but how do we know what is actually going on? I don’t want to believe that there could be a ghost in the house but after what I’ve seen, it’s hard to deny it. Something is making my grandma act the way she’s acting.