One is enough, thank you!

Every week, the Hamilton Spectator hands out a smaller and shorter version of their newspaper. I think it’s a couple of pages from their Go section. I don’t mind receiving them since it’s free and it contains some local advertisement but lately it’s getting to be a pain. Receiving flyers can be a pain in itself since there’s so many and it’s most likely that you’ll be satisfied if you get them once a week. But I don’t get them once a week. I don’t even get one for that matter. I get more! But I don’t want more. I want one!

The delivery guy usually delivers one Free Press to each house on the block. If you’re a subscriber to the Hamilton Spectator you don’t get one. I buy my newspaper in the morning but I’m thinking of subscribing. Since I’m not a subscriber, I get a Free Press at my door step. I’ve been getting one copy for the longest time until one day, I received two. At first, I assumed that I was getting two because the delivery guy probably thought that there were more tenants. The houses in my area are rented out to people so it’s probably safe for the carrier to assume that there are more tenants in the house. But usually those houses have more than one mailbox so why am I getting two?

I thought nothing of it until one day, I started receiving more. This time, I got four copies! What am I going to do with four copies of the same paper? All I need is one. This is starting to get annoying now because it’s getting colder out and I don’t have any room for more paper in my recycling bin.

One Saturday, I left the house to find a whole bundle of paper on my door step. There must have been ten copies or so. It’s as if they guy brought the whole bundle and left it for me and me alone. It’s not my job to deliver those flyers so I shouldn’t be getting that many. After seeing that, I was getting fed up. This guy is getting paid to deliver this to each house but instead, he’s dumping it all on my door step and skipping everyone else. It’s the holiday season so he should be sharing the newspaper with everyone on the street. I don’t want to seem like I’m greedy and taking all the newspaper. He’s probably leaving me all of them because I’m the first house he stops at but that doesn’t mean I should be getting everything. There’s a bar right next to my house and they have a few recycling bins out in their parking lot. He could have at least stashed it there if he didn’t want to deliver them.

My girlfriend and I plan on staking out by the window and waiting for the guy. We want to catch him in the act and ask him to stop giving us so much garbage. His next delivery date is tomorrow but there’s a chance that we won’t be up earlier enough. If he gives us a lot of copies again, I’ll have to resort to complaining to the Spectator personally. I don’t want to have to do that since these guys get paid by the paper but it’s not fair for me. He’s basically littering on my property by doing that and something needs to be done about it. If he doesn’t stop, I’ve got a few snowballs with his name on it.