Optimus Prime: The Beta Fish

At the beginning of my relationship with my girlfriend, she bought me a Siamese fighting fish also known as a Betta Splenden. These fishes originate from the Cambodia and Thailand area. They’re small little fish that are about three inches long and very colourful. The one that I have is a few shades of purple.

When my girlfriend was at the pet store, she saw a fish and it’s the same colour as Optimus Prime from the Transformers movie hence the reason why it’s named Optimus Prime. The fish looks very cool with long flowing fins. Their colours range from red to blue to white. The female fishes are not as highly colored and their fins are shorter. I think the one I have is a male one but I can only assume so. They say that you can’t keep two male Betta fishes together because they’ll fight each other to the death. But I think it’s alright if there’s a male and female Betta fish.

Optimus Prime: The Beta Fish

I keep Optimus Prime in a small bowl that is about ten inches in diameter. It’s enough space for him to move around. He likes to hide behind the leaves that I have in the bowl. I don’t pay a lot of attention to him so I don’t see him moving too much. I just check up on him every now and then to give him food. Usually I feed him about five pellets and that’ll last him about a few days. The food that he does eat drops to the bottom and starts to pollute the bowl. I was thinking of getting a snail to clean up the mess but I’m afraid that Optimus might kick its ass.

Optimus Prime: The Beta Fish

A couple of days ago, as I was getting ready for work, I noticed something odd in the bowl. Optimus wasn’t floating upright. He was floating on an angle as if he was limping. At that moment, I thought that he was dead. So I went up to the bowl and tapped it with my index finger. He started moving but it wasn’t strong movements. I was running a bit late for work but I didn’t want Optimus to die so I grabbed the bowl and took it to the kitchen to clean. I stuck him into a bucket as I cleaned his bowl. It was a bit icky with algae here and there but I managed to clean it up pretty good.

After everything was cleaned, I refilled the bowl with warm water and placed everything back in. I noticed that the water was more clearer than before. Optimus was even swimming and moving around more livelier. Before going to work, I gave him a few pellets to last him a few days. But then he gave me another scare when I got home. I saw this thing that was shaped like a fish and it was on its side. It turned out to be the anchor of one of the plants. Optimus was hiding behind one of the leaves again.

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  1. Hey Don,

    If you wanna see your fish get kind of aggressive, put a mirror up to the fish bowl. He’ll think the reflection is another fish and he’ll open up his fins and everything to try to scare away the “other male” don’t do this too often though. You might stress him out. But it’s cool if you do it once. Cuz then you can see how territorial he really gets! 😛

  2. lol.. he won’t ram his head into the glass.. he’ll just puff up, trying to look intimidating to the other fish.. it’s quite cool. some of those betas change colour 😛 tell me how it goes! (your fish might not respond if he is in a petshop too long though)

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