Last weekend, I lost my wallet. I’ve looked pretty much everywhere and I can’t seem to find it. I have no idea where it could be and I can’t even remember the last time that I had it. I think I had it Saturday but I can’t be too sure. Surprisingly, I’m not too worried about my identification and the number of bank cards in my wallet. There’s something else in my wallet that I value more.

My wallet is one of the things that I use very often and on a daily basis. But ever since I’ve lost it, I feel like I can’t do much. I can’t go to the store and buy anything because I have no access to my bank account. I can’t drive anywhere because I don’t have my driver’s license. I mean, I can drive but it’s best that I don’t because I have bad luck with the cops. And it’s going to be a pain to get everything back without any proper identification.

I remember having my wallet some time Saturday but I can’t be too sure. I’ll picture myself holding on to it but then something else comes to mind that will contradict it. I remember going to Tim Horton’s to get lunch but I also remember paying for my order with coins. And after work I went over to a friend’s birthday party so I might have left it there. Then again, if someone at the house found it, they would have told me by now.

It’s been a week and nothing has turned up yet. I had everything canceled when I couldn’t find my wallet after two days. I was on the phone for an hour calling up every single credit card company to cancel my cards. All of them were kind enough to send me a replacement card within the next week or so. One of the company put me in touch with TransUnion Canada to have a flag placed on my credit history. So for the next five years, it will be hard for me to open up a bank account since they will be more strict when it comes to looking at my credit history.

I haven’t canceled my driver’s license or my health card yet but I plan to. I’ll need to get a replacement for those but I don’t have sufficient identification right now. And one of the major piece of identification that was in my wallet was my Canadian Citizen’s card. It’s ironic that I went searching my parent’s house for that card only to lose it a couple of days later.

For some reason I’m not depressed at the fact that I lost my identification cards or my bank cards. I’m more depressed at the fact that I lost a picture of my girlfriend. On the back of the picture was a message that she wrote to me. I had that picture hanging on the wall of my cubicle at work but I decide it to put it in my wallet instead. I’m searching for my wallet to get that picture back since it’s more valuable than any of my bank card.

I’m out of options as to where to look since I’ve practically looked everywhere. My memory isn’t that good so I can’t remember when I last had it. I don’t think I could have dropped it when I was out but I have a funny feeling that I might have dropped it when I was raking up the leaves. If I did drop it while I was doing that, there’s a chance that I might have picked it up with the other leaves and stuck it in one of those brown bags. I’m going to have to dump out all the leaves and check there before I throw out those bags. As a last resort, I’m going to have to dig through those leaves in hopes of find something.

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